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We need donations to this fund as funds are getting really tight as the school has had no extended services or donations income since March 2020 so please help if you can. The school fund is purely donation based and is used to buy many consumable items and fun activities outside the remit of the school budget for the pupils as well as many other things for school that enable us to provide services free of charge.

Please have a ratch down the sofa or anywhere to find some spare money to donate to the school to support all the children.

Please help if you can by donating to this fund.

Now we have the ParentPay system we can offer the facility for families to make an automatic School Fund donation on a monthly basis, from their bank account even £2 per month would cumulate to a great fund to support activities in school. If you would like to support the school in this way please contact the School Office for further details on how to set this up or, if you would rather, for direct debit details.