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Health & Safety Policy - Part 1 Health & Safety Policy - Part 2 Online Safety Policy Educational Visits Policy

The school takes health and safety matters very seriously and does its utmost to ensure the school is as safe as possible for your child (the school achieved an extremely high rating of 99%, one of the highest for a Cumbrian school in its latest County Health & Safety audit).

The school undertakes risk assessments for school activities both within and outside the building and regularly reviews all health and safety matters and employs a health and safety expert on a part time basis.

Health and safety issues or concerns should be immediately reported to the Headteacher. The pupils are a good source of information on these matters (they often see and notice things that adults miss) and are encouraged to report hazards, furthermore there is a regular slot on the Governing Body and School Council agenda where issues are raised and discussed. It is the job of everyone associated with the school to be vigilant.

The school has 3 policies that detail health and safety at the school and these are available on the carousels: