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In Memory of Mrs Wright

Summer Term 2023

Boe from Nursery was chosen as she is always kind to her friends.

Spring Term 2023

Eliza from Reception was chosen as she is always so happy and kind and is a good friend to everyone.

Spring Term 2023

Alice from Year 3 won the Kindness Cup. Alice goes out of her way to be friendly to everyone and will always ensure that all know they have a friend in Alice.

Autumn Term 2022

Betsy from Year 5 was a very popular choice for the Kindness Cup winner. She is so kind to her friends and indeed everyone around her, nothing is too much trouble.

Autumn Term 2022

Oakley was chosen for kindness as he is just such a good friend to everyone.

Summer Term 2022

The Kindness cup winner for the second half of the summer term was Tillie from 1AF. She was chosen as she is always smiling at everyone, is a very good friend and looks after her class mates.

Summer Term 2022

The winner of the Kindness Cup was Geordie from Nursery. He was chosen for his positive, smiley and friendly nature and for always looking after his Nursery friends.

Spring Term 2022

The Marie Wright Kindness Cup was won by Tom from Reception. He was chosen as he is always striving to look after everyone, is always courteous and polite and shows real kindness to others.

Spring Term 2022

The Marie Wright Kindness Cup was won by Zach from Y3.
He was chosen as he is kind to everyone, is always offering his help to others.
He is the best friend anyone could have.

Autumn Term 2021

Billy was chosen by all staff members in Upper Key Stage 2 as his friendliness, kindness and respect for others and his consistent willingness to help others transcends not just his own class but is right across all other classes in the Stage.

Summer Term 2021

Lorelai from Year 3 was awarded the Marie Wright Kindness Trophy for this term for her consistent showing of kindness and friendship to all around her. She is a very worthy winner.

Spring Term 2021

Blake from 1RM is the holder of this cup for this half term.
He was chosen for always thinking of others, checking his peers are feeling ok and befriending them if they appear lonely. He was a very popular choice.

Autumn Term 2020

The winner of this cup was Clay from Reception who goes out of his way to check all his peers are having a good day and supports them and befriemds them if they are not. He is a delight to have in the Reception Unit and his kindness just shines through.