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Typing Club

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Free touch typing lessons!


Keyboard Skills clipart

A hub for Typing Games

Candy Quest

Candy Quest clipart

Design your own candy troll character and go on a multi-level quest for candy to eventually help your character find its way home.

Monster High

Monster High clipart

This allows you to use code for either a scavenger hunt or a dance party at Monster High School!

Puppy Adventure

Puppy Adventure clipart

Pixel the puppy is lost! Use code to help Pixel get home by following the path and avoiding obstacles.


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A coding game for kids!

Pivot Animator

Pivot clipart

Create your own animations!

Dragging and Dropping

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Help with "dragging and dropping".

Begin Coding - Angry Bird

Coding clipart

Beginning to code where a simple program is made to move an angry bird.


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A series of challenges to 'de-bug' programs.

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Rapid Typing Zone

Rapid Typing Zone link

Type Fast

Type Fast link

A set of 3 games, which can help you to train fast typing.

Barclays Code Playground

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Lightbot clipart

Please ignore the "loading"' message and click on 'play' to access Lightbot.

Star Wars Coding

Star Wars Coding clipart

Enables children to program BB-8 from the new Star Wars film.

Flappy Bird Game

Flappy Bird Game clipart

Make your own Flappy Bird game.

Frozen Puzzle

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Artist clipart

Creating artwork/drawing.

Play Lab

Playlab clipart

A fun way to familiarise yourself with the keyboard!

Disney Infinity Play Lab

Play Lab clipart

The coding course is Disney Infinity Play Lab. It is a 10 step course to use coding to create a story or a game starring Disney Infinity characters.

Pivot Animator

Pivot Animator clipart

Create your own animations.

Interactive Christmas Card

Interactive Christmas Card clipart

Design an interactive Christmas Card.

Code Monkey

Code Monkey clipartCode Monkey clipart

A fun coding game that your child may enjoy is 'Code Monkey. It takes them through some simple programming steps and the first 30 levels are free. You and/or your child should have a go, it is very rewarding when you complete a challenge

Blockly Games

Blockly clipart

Puppy Adventure

Puppy Adventure clipart

A fun way to familiarise yourself with the keyboPixel the puppy is lost! Use code to help Pixel get home by following the path and avoiding obstacles.

Lost in Space

Lost in Space clipart

Dragon Dash

Dragon Dash clipart

Design your own custom dragon, then use programming to guide it through fun puzzles on its quest for treasure and coins! You'll have to navigate through complex castles, find power-ups, and conquer knights to get all the treasure.

Scratch Logo

Free "Scratch" Download

Free Scratch Download link

Available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology .

Scratch Starter Projects

Scratch Starter Projects

Try out these starter projects from the Scratch Team. Look inside to make changes and add your ideas.

Interactive Whirl

Scracth Interactive Whirl link

Follow the Mouse

Follow the Mouse link