Celebrating Beckstone Primary School's 10th Birthday!

To mark the 10th Anniversary of the school being open we had a flyover by our own Mr Fleming.

He took aerial photographs of the children forming the shape of 'Beckstone 10' on the school field.

Later that day we released a helium balloon for every child.

Each balloon has a return label and there will be a prize marking the occasion for the child whose balloon goes the furthest.

We were also treated to a fantastic cake made by Mrs Sewell.

There was lots of laughter and excitement and the sun came out for us!  What a great way to celebrate our 10th Birthday!

Please click on an image below to view our videos.

Mr Fleming's flyover from the ground

Mr Fleming's view from the plane



Please click below to view the balloons being released.

From our archives!

Building Beckstone Primary

School Opening by
Beverley Hughes MP