School Vision

"Bridging communities ... promoting learning and excellence ... shaping the future."

At Beckstone Primary School we aim to:

have a happy, friendly, caring environment, where children feel secure and valued

foster in each child an eagerness to learn, strive and achieve at a level appropriate to his/her abilities

nurture the academic, creative, practical, sporting and personal development of each child

develop self-discipline and mutual respect for each other and for all people and cultures

create an atmosphere that promotes learning and excellence, enabling children to fulfil their true potential

promote the development of an understanding appreciation and respect for the local community and surrounding environment

consistently seek community involvement in a partnership that enhances the children's education, welfare, economic and social awareness

Strategic Intentions

In order to realise this vision we will:

provide for our children a caring, happy and secure environment to enable each child to reach their full potential academically, socially and morally

good behaviour, mutual respect and consideration for others within and beyond the school environment

nurture happy, well-balanced individuals with alert and enquiring minds, self-respect and self-discipline

be continually alive and responsive to the changing needs of the pupils, local community and national agenda

be committed to promoting equality of opportunity and equality of access to all regardless of race, gender, religion, disability, economic and social background

and any other factors that may limit progress and acceptance

A school is four walls with tomorrow inside.