Present: Mr Warbrick Mr Marczinski Mrs Scott Mrs Hardy  
  Mrs Henderson Ms Bagley Mrs Finlay Mrs Hemsley
  Ms Jelly Ms Holliday Mrs Askew Mrs Sutton
  Mrs Watson Mrs Little Mrs Lowery Mrs Sooi  
  Amy Scott Zoe Holliday      

Apologies: Mrs Pike Mrs Murray Mrs Falcon

Mrs Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting.

Mr Warbrick asked all attendees to introduce themselves.

Powerpoint Presentation

Mr Warbrick handed out copies of the Powerpoint slides as there was no screen in the staff room to show the actual display.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Mrs Scott highlighted the main points discussed at the last meeting. All members were reminded that they will get a copy of the minutes for any meeting that they attend and previous minutes can be located on the School website.

Election of Officers

Mr Warbrick was re-elected as Chairperson
Mr Marczinski was re-elected as Vice-Chairperson
Mrs Hardy was re-elected as Treasurer
Mrs Scott was re-elected as Secretary
Mrs Finlay was elected as Procurer

Treasurers Report

Mrs Hardy discussed the PTA Accounts. This financial year started with a balance of £6882.40 and ended with an even healthier balance of £8257.65.

The following amounts have been paid out but not yet deducted:
£314 to Credit Union
£158 to purchase autograph books for year 6 leavers

Mrs Hardy is to purchase flowers for Anne Brown who audited the accounts and Mrs Scott is to write a letter of thanks to Mrs Benson who has audited the PTA accounts since 1995.


Mrs Hemsley and Ms Holliday are to organise a quiz to be distributed before half term. Entrants to pay £1 for each returned paper those papers with highest score to be entered into a prize draw, to include questions which cannot be researched on the internet.

Raffle tickets for Christmas Draw to be organized by Mrs Scott. Members who are able to obtain prizes from local businesses please advise within next two weeks as tickets will need to be printed shortly.

It was proposed that 1st Prize remains as £100. The raffle will be drawn in assembly on Monday 14th December.

Balloon Race was also suggested by Mrs Sutton, research would be needed as to environmentally acceptable balloons.


Mr Warbrick discussed quotes obtained for all weather path/flooring for the new Outdoor Classroom. Two surfaces were discussed:

1)Adventure Playground surface to be continued; although it would not need to be as deep. Quotes obtained ranging from £6199 to £6885.
2) Artificial Grass - Quotes obtained ranging from £3456.50 to £11181!

Members decided option one was preferable due to the confusion the artificial grass may cause both the children and groundsmen. Also, it would be difficult to calculate the lifespan of the grass and what maintenance it would require. The PTA agreed to pay £6000 towards this project.

Year 3 and 4 children made a request for funding to purchase construction equipment. PTA members agreed to pay £400 towards this equipment.


Halloween Day to be held on Friday 22nd October. All children to come to school in fancy dress paying £1 to the PTA.

There will be a main prize for best boy and girl costume in each class. Mrs Finlay to purchase 30 tubes of sweets for prizes. To acknowledge the efforts made by all children to dress up it was proposed that all children should receive a small token of perhaps Halloween confectionery/stickers for their efforts. Mrs Finlay to purchase also please.

PTA to fund a disco (Mr Warbrick to book) a biscuit and a drink. Mrs Watson and Ms Holliday to come into school that week and help children bake/decorate biscuits for this event. Mrs Finlay to purchase drinks.

Christmas Fair - scheduled for Friday 3rd December

Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 9th November at 5.30pm primarily to discuss the Christmas Fair