Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 29th September 2014


Mrs Finlay Mrs Scott Mrs Little
  Mr Warbrick   Mrs Bagley Mrs Pike
  Mrs Hemsley Vicki Martin Matthew Hemsley


Mrs Sutton, Mrs Walker, Mrs Vaughan, Mrs Yoxall, Bernie Cunningham,
Danielle Millar

[Mrs Mahone has sent profuse apologies after bringing in cakes for the meeting on the following day (!) there was a date mix up, school staff enjoyed them however!]

Mrs Scott recorded the Minutes of the Meeting.


Members confirmed receipt of minutes of our last meeting and approved their contents.

Welcome to New Members

All attendees were happy to welcome Vicki Martin to the PTA. Vicki is parent to Jake who is in Mrs Pike's reception class.

Election of Officers

Mrs Finlay was re-elected as Chairperson

Mrs Walker was re-elected as Vice-Chairperson

Mrs Scott was re-elected as Secretary

Mrs Little was re-elected as Treasurer

Treasurers Report

Mrs Little discussed PTA accounts which have been audited by Mrs Hardy. We presently have a balance of £6271.21 following receipt of sponsored event funds totalling £1781.10 and £302 from John McAllister who was able to obtain match funding from his employer Barclays in relation to the Sports Day raffle (thank you very much!)/

We do still have invoices in relation to summer trips transport and foundation stage maths equipment to pay being £2790 and £750 respectively.

A letter has been sent to the Bank requesting Mrs Hardy's name be removed from the account and Mrs Little's name added and the correspondence address be amended to that of Mrs Little.

A Gift Aid request for the sum of £207.13 relating to last years sponsored event is still pending and a further request is in the process of being submitted for this years event.
Details to follow.


No new requests were made.


A Halloween themed Day is scheduled for Friday 24th October. Mr Warbrick has organised a disco. Children to be invited to wear fancy dress paying £1 to PTA with the exception of Nursery and Reception children who are to organise their own parties.

Mrs Finlay to organise drinks, crisps and prizes for all other children. Mr Warbrick to confirm number required.

Christmas Fair to be held on Friday 5th December (to be discussed at next meeting)

Mrs Scott is to approach Imprint our regular supplier to organise 2000 Christmas Draw Raffle tickets at a cost of £1 each stitched in 5. Prizes same as last year with draw date of Monday 15th December 2014.

Local shops/businesses to be approached to supply prizes, the following were suggested:

Eclipse Bowling
Face to Face Beauty
Myers & Bowman
Scarlet Beauty
Corner Pantry
Galloping Horse
Brewery House
Plaza Cinema
Sports Centre/Clip n Climb

Mr Warbrick to suggest to Mrs McKeating requests may be made into a letter writing project for Year 6 pupils.

Any Other Business

Mrs Finlay suggested a bedtime story theme would be a good use of the reading bus. The children would be read stories and provided with refreshments of hot chocolate and biscuits and could come in their pj's for an entry fee. This could be extended to a Santa theme at Christmas (with reindeer biscuits and hot chocolate!) and the bus could even be a good venue for Santa's Grotto (weather permitting).

Mrs Scott mentioned although we now have a railing at the roadside next to the back path there is still no signage showing that it is used by school children. Mr Warbrick has discussed this issue with Councillor Marjorie Rae at the Governors Meeting and she is to approach the Highways Authority to discuss signage.

Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday 10th November at 5.30pm

Next Meeting

Our meeting is scheduled for Monday 10th November at 5.30pm primarily to discuss the Christmas Fair and stories on the bus.