Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 27th September 2011 at
Beckstone Primary School.

Present: Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson Mrs Hardy
Mrs Scott Mr McKeating Mrs Pattinson Mrs Murray
Mrs little Mrs Hemsley Mrs Bagley Mrs Finlay
Mrs Lowery Mrs Walker Mrs Pike Mrs Watson

Apologies: Mr Marczinski Mrs Sutton Mrs Falcon Mrs Sooi

Mrs Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting

Welcome to New Members

The PTA would like to wish a warm welcome to Kathryn Walker mum of Jacob who is in Nursery.

Powerpoint Presentation

Mr Warbrick displayed a PowerPoint Presentation highlighting the work of the PTA during the last school year. Thank you to Amy Scott who produced the presentation.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Mr Warbrick highlighted the main points discussed at the last meeting. All members were reminded that they will get a copy of the minutes for any meetings that they attend and previous minutes can be located on the School website.

Election of Officers

Mrs Lowery was elected as Chairperson
Mrs Finlay was elected as Vice-Chairperson/Procurement Officer
Mrs Hardy was re-elected as Treasurer
Mrs Scott was re-elected as Secretary

Treasurers Report

Mrs Hardy discussed the PTA Accounts. This financial year started with a balance of £8257.65 and ended with a healthy balance of £3202.26. This is a fantastic achievement taking into consideration the following purchases/donations £6000 towards the path to the outdoor playground , £876 to purchase new tracksuits, £683.60 to purchase Royal Wedding Medals and £400 for construction toys; these were made in addition to our regular contributions towards Rock Challenge and Year 6 Leaving gifts.

These contributions were made possible following amongst other events a very successful Christmas Fair which generated £1310.70; Christmas Raffle Ticket Sales £834, a fantastic Sponsored Event which raised £1741.70 and a generous donation of £250 from Royal Bank Of Scotland.

Mrs Hardy has applied for a Gift Aid Tax refund in relation to the Sponsored Event totalling approx £290 she expressed a concern as to the number of people who selected the Gift Aid Option which has resulted in a reduced refund this year.

Mrs Hardy is to organise flowers for Ann Brown who audited our Accounts this year.

The PTA would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Hardy for all her hard work this year.

Fundraising/Events and Expenditure

Halloween Day - The School is to hold a Halloween Theme Day to include Halloween Food!
Children are to be invited to come in Fancy Dress paying £1 to the PTA with a prize for the Best Boy and Best Girl Costume in each class. Mr Warbrick is to organise a disco and set a text prompt to remind parents as the event takes place on the Monday after the Half Term break. Mrs Finlay is to purchase drinks and crisps and approach the Community Officer at Tesco regarding sweets for prizes

Christmas Fair- to be held on Friday 2nd December (to be discussed at next meeting)

Raffle Tickets for Christmas Draw to be organised by Mrs Scott.
First Prize £100, ticket to be printed as last year with draw date of Monday 12th December 2011. Mrs Watson to approach local businesses for prize donations.

Mrs Henderson is leading an event on 12th June "Children's Olympics" involving all Primary Schools in the Workington Area . The event is to take place at Workington Rugby League Stadium (tickets on sale at turnstiles) and will include an opening ceremony, closing ceremony and a torch between schools in Workington. Mr Milner is to write an anthem working with Workington Consortium of Schools and Southfield Marching Band are to perform. Large Companies in the area are to be approached for sponsorship in addition to this each school would be asked to make their own contribution. Mrs Henderson would like PTA members to consider making a donation towards this event perhaps towards coloured t shirts, she will provide more information and costing at our next meeting.

Mrs Bagley would like PTA members to consider funding a mural by Sheila Fielder on a double cupboard outside nursery. The design to be based upon Birds eg wading birds and Owls and would cost approx £300. PTA Members agreed to this in principle and Mrs Bagley is to confirm the cost at the next meeting.

Mrs Pike made a request for PTA funds to purchase outdoor equipment to develop water skills and climbing eg climbing frame box to develop fine motor skills and imaginative creative play.
Mrs Pike to come back to PTA with suggestions and cost at next meeting.

Any Other Business

Mr Warbrick was delighted to announce that the Ofsted Inspectors were very impressed with the "Outstanding engagement that Beckstone Primary School had with Parents". They were amazed at the number of questionnaires returned and the comments made by parents in relation to the School.

Mr Farrington approached PTA members earlier in relation to the Clothing Bank which has generated £900 for the School between January and July this year. Although used it has the potential to generate a lot more income for the School and he would like suggestions how we can increase usage.

The following ideas were discussed:

Issuing all children with a bag to return to School, having designated times that parents of individual classes may be able to access the clothing bank either before or after school ie leaving gate open or moving the clothing bank to the bottom of the hill which may also encourage local residents to use the facility but also may be subject to abuse ie items being dumped .

Mr Warbrick is to discuss these ideas with Mr Farrington.

Mr Warbrick and Mrs Finlay have both approached Grounds Maintenance regarding the state of the Railway Line behind the School which has become very overgrown and therefore inaccessible. This has not had any effect so far therefore could all PTA members contact the department (contact details on Council Website) to advise Allerdale of problems faced when trying to use this route and the effect not being able to do so has on traffic on Church Road.

Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 8th November at 5.30pm
primarily to discuss the Christmas Fair