Present: Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson Mrs Bagley Mrs Hardy  
  Mrs Scott Mrs Finlay Mr Smith    

Apologies:    Mr Marczinski, Mrs Hemsley, Ms Holliday were engaged in "Meet the Teacher" discussions whilst the meeting took place.

Mrs. Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting

This year our AGM was held in conjunction with a "Meet the Teacher" evening. All parents were given the opportunity to listen to their child's teacher giving a short presentation detailing the syllabus that will be used for this school year. The presentations were staggered allowing those parents with more than one child to attend more than one congregation.

After the presentation parents were invited to join members of the PTA in the sports hall for refreshments and to discuss what is involved in being a member of the PTA. Visitors were also shown a Powerpoint Presentation detailing the events organized and funds raised in the last school year.

The following people showed an interest in becoming members and it was decided that they should receive a copy of the AGM Minutes to keep them informed of future events:

Mrs Bagley, Mrs Pike, Helen Little, Andrea Little, Louise Sutton, Mieke Sooi, Evelyn Longstaff, Kim Wright, Jacqui Jelly, Christine Wilson,
Andrea Shervinton, Claire Peaker, Anne Falcon, Simon McDonald and Karen Murray.

PowerPoint Presentation

A Powerpoint Presentation detailing events and expenditure over the last year was displayed in the Sports Hall. Thank you to Amy Scott for putting this together.

Minutes of Last Meeting

All members confirmed they had received the minutes of our last meeting.

Election of Officers

Mr Warbrick was re-elected as Chairperson
Mr Marczinski was re-elected as Vice Chairperson
Mrs Scott was re-elected as Secretary
Mrs Hardy was re-elected as Treasurer

Treasurers Report

The PTA Balance brought forward at the beginning of the last period was £5319.27 our balance is now a very healthy £6882.40. This balance will be reduced by £1573 in respect of the Reception outdoor equipment already purchased.

Mrs Hardy has applied for a Gift Aid refund of £390.

Mrs Hardy is to arrange for flowers for Mrs Benson who audited our Accounts.


Mrs Henderson has received a quote of between £800 and £1000 to purchase four more stage lamps to be located on the back wall of the sports hall. We are awaiting a quote for labour cost to install these lamps and install chains on the existing lights. The electrician is also to assess whether the new lamps would be able to be controlled from an existing panel or if a new panel will be required.

Fund Raising & Events

As Halloween this year falls during Half Term, Friday 23rd October is to be a Halloween Day at school. All children to come in Halloween Costume paying £1 to the PTA.

There will be prizes for the best boy and girl costume in each class.

Mrs Finlay is to purchase 30 tubes of sweets for prizes.

The PTA are happy to fund a disco (Mr Warbrick has booked), packet of crisps and drink ( to be consumed during the disco) to be purchased by Mrs Finlay (for 260 children).

Christmas Fair

To be held on Friday 4th December 2pm 3.30pm.

Mrs Scott is to organize 9000 Christmas Draw Raffle Tickets in books of 5 (price of £149 already obtained from Imprint Stationery) to be drawn on Monday 14th December. Prizes as last year. A big thank you to Mr Smith for his pledge of a Magnum of Champagne which will be used as a raffle prize.

All PTA members are invited to Christmas Dinner on Thursday 10th December.

Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 3rd November at 5.30pm
primarily to discuss the Christmas Fair