Present: Mr Warbrick  Mr Marczinski Mrs Scott Mrs Hardy
  Mrs Henderson  Mrs Finlay Mrs Fleming Mrs Finnegan 
  Mrs Ray  Mrs Hemsley  Mrs Taylor Mrs Cottan
  Mrs Askew      

Apologies:  Mr Kirkpatrick 

Mrs. Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting.


Mr Warbrick asked everyone who attended the meeting to introduce themselves.


Re-Election of Office

Mr Warbrick was re-elected as Chairperson
Mr Marczinski was re-elected as Vice Chairperson
Mrs Hardy was re-elected as Treasurer
Mrs Scott was re-elected as Secretary

Treasurer's Report

Mrs Hardy discussed the audited accounts showing balance of £3869.90 (this includes approximately £2600 still due for the tyre playground extension). The balance will be boosted again by a Gift Aid refund of £344 and we have also received a £250 Community Cash back Award from Natwest Bank (Royal Bank of Scotland Group) where Mrs Scott is an employee.

Secretary's Report

There have been four meetings in the last year leading to the following events:

Halloween Fun Day/Disco's
Christmas Fair
Christmas Raffle
Bunny Drive
Sponsored Obstacle Course

These events allowed us to make the following Purchases/Donations:

Selection Boxes
Rock Challenge Donation
Nursery Wall Displays
Easter Egg Competition Prizes
Yr 6 Dictionaries
Gardening Club Donation
Benches for Playground

Tyre extension for Playground Due to the slope of the bank it was only possible to have the tyre obstacle course on top of the bank and not down it as originally planned. Mr McKeating is to lay stepping stones down the bank to join the tyre section with the adventure playground.


Wednesday 31st October: A Fun day for KS1 and Nursery Children including afternoon disco. Children to come in fancy dress with prizes for best boy and girl in each year group.

KS2 disco's to be held in the School Hall Year 3-4 5.30 to 6.30, Year 5-6 6.45 to 7.45pm. There will be an entrance fee of 50p with crisps and drinks on sale at 10p and 20p respectively. There will be prizes for best costume in each year group.

Christine Finnegan to purchase crisps, drinks and 22 prizes.
Mr Warbrick is to arrange a Disco for the afternoon and evening.


There has been a request for funding for tracksuits for Year 3-4 children to be used for Football, Netball and Cricket Teams. These are light/dark blue in colour bearing the Beckstone Logo on the back.
The PTA are happy to fund these at a cost of approximately £300.

The Nursery/Reception are looking for funding for some Outdoor equipment. Mrs Henderson is to request details of equipment required/cost for our next meeting.

There is to be a meeting in October regarding Rock Challenge (event to be held on Friday 13th June). Mrs Henderson will have more information on costs involved/funds required after this has taken place. There may be some monies left from the last production.


Our Christmas Fair is to be held on Friday 7th December 2pm to 3.30pm.

Mrs Scott and Mrs Hardy are to arrange 9000 raffle tickets, the raffle will be drawn on Friday 14th December.

Tickets are to be sold for 20p each (£1 per book) with prizes as follows:

1st prize £100
2nd prize £20 Marks and Spencer Voucher
Various Themed Hampers
A selection of other prizes

Volunteers are required to help bag packing at Marks and Spencer on Saturday 15th December, any funds raised will go to the PTA.

The PTA discussed having "Beckstone Tea Towels" rather than calendars printed this year. It may not be possible for us to include a contribution from every child due to restricted space. Mr Warbrick is to gather more information on this for our next meeting.

Any Other Business

The PTA bid for a mosquito alarm from the Neighbourhood Forum has been successful. This is a siren which can only be heard by Youths under the age of 22 to deter them from hanging around the school in the evening.

Learn Direct at the Community Development Centre are giving away a free book entitled "Where did the River Go?" the book contains quizzes and fun activities for children. To get a FREE book parents can call into the centre at school and complete a small form without obligation.

The school recently had an intruder who stole all the lightening conductors from the roof. These cost £300 to replace. The event was captured on CCTV. If anyone has any information please contact Mr Warbrick.

Date of Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 13th November at 5.30pm. This meeting will be primarily to discuss the Christmas Fair.