Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 10th November 2014


Mrs Finlay Mrs Scott Mr Warbrick
  Mrs Pike Mrs Needham Mrs Martin
  Mrs Mahone Mrs Walker Mrs Falcon
  Mrs Vaughan Mrs Murray Mrs Cunningham
  Mrs Millar    


Mrs Yoxall, Mrs Bagley

Mrs Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting.


Members confirmed receipt of minutes of our last meeting and approved their contents.

Welcome to New Members

We were lucky enough to have a number of new members attending our meeting including:

Mrs Needham who is a Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Murray a Teaching Assistant and parent at Beckstone
Mrs Cunningham a Teaching Assistant and grandparent at Beckstone
Mrs Millar who is a parent of a child in Nursery

Treasurers Report

We were unable to discuss our Accounts at this meeting.

Christmas Fair
The Christmas Fair is to be held on Friday 5th December at 2pm to 3.30pm.

Attractions to include:

Tea, Coffee, soft drinks, crisps and biscuits to be served in the dining hall

Tea or Coffee with biscuit 50p
Crisps 15p
Soft drinks 20p

Mrs Finlay to check stocks of tea, coffee, biscuits and sugar, and to purchase 200 packs of crisps and 200 cartons of drinks and milk.

Face painting - we have face paints 50p a cheek

Tattoo Parlour - Mrs Pike to check stocks and replenish 50p each or £1 Celtic Band

Scott's Cake (silent auction) need to check if willing to repeat this

Crafty Stall - see Donna

Cake Stall - see Anna

Guess the Monkey's Birthday

School Raffle - Year 6 have written letters requesting donations

Nail Bar - see Hayley - FAB to pay towards replacement of products used

Biscuit Decorating - Mrs Mahone and Mrs Falcon to bake biscuits to decorate 50p each

Bauble Decorating - Mrs Murray to purchase 100 baubles which will be pre prepared with "Merry Christmas .................. 2014" to be sold at £1 each

Mr Warbrick to contact Santa and invite him to attend our Christmas Fair, Santa's Grotto may be created in the reading bus dependent upon the weather, children waiting to see Santa will be able to sit in groups downstairs waiting their turn. The remaining queue to be managed in the main school building. The alternative location for the Grotto being the library .

Bag Stall £1 each

Jar Stall £1 each

Tombola - Mrs Falcon to get the drum

Lucky Dip and Rudolph Dust - Mrs Finlay to create

Guess the Weight of the Cake - Mrs Falcon to see if Mrs Douglas is able to bake a cake

Cuddly Toy Stall

DVD & CD Stall

Pick a Lolly

White Elephant Stall

Day Raffle - Adult Raffle 20p each £1 strip
Child Raffle 10p each 50p strip

Hook a Duck - Mrs Pike to source prizes 50p a go

Rudolph Nose Drop - Mrs Needham to obtain a Rudolph nose plate 20p a go

Guess the Name of - we have 2 Reindeers and 1 Monkey

Games Arcade - 50p for 20 minutes

Second Hand Children's Clothes - to be sorted into sizes on hanging racks and placed away from the main stalls . To be stocked from donations from parents and any remaining lost property.


Mrs Needham suggested a non uniform day requesting items such as bottles/chocolate in lieu of a monetary charge which could then be used towards hamper/raffle/tombola prizes. Mr Warbrick agreed a date of 28th November.

Mrs Finlay and Mrs Cunningham suggested giving each year group £20 for them to use to create an item/ idea which they could then make a profit, the group having the largest increase in their stake winning a prize. It was undecided whether there would be sufficient space or time to develop this idea. Mr Warbrick to discuss with Year Heads.

Mrs Finlay to purchase 400 tubes of sweets


KS1/Reception made a request for funding to purchase playground games. Members were happy to make a donation of £500.

Mrs Pike suggested members should consider an ongoing commitment to subsidise the cost of the Kingswood Residential Trip, this is a fantastic event that all Year 6 children are invited to experience. Unfortunately, the rising cost of this trip can mean that some children are unable to attend. Mr Warbrick is to provide details of costings for our next meeting.

Any Other Business

Mrs Mahone mentioned although we now have a railing at the roadside next to the back path there is still no signage showing that it is used by school children. Mr Warbrick has discussed this issue with Councillor Marjorie Rae at the Governors Meeting and it has been discussed with the Highways Authority who have yet to make any changes. Mrs Mahone to approach them again in this regard to suggest signage and if possible a crossing.

Mr Warbrick suggested a change of name to represent all school staff/ Friends at Beckstone was suggested, FAB for short! There are however no plans to change our bank details.

Next Meeting

Our meeting is scheduled for Monday 2nd March at 5.30pm.