Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 4th November 2013


Mrs Finlay Mrs Scott Mrs Little
  Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson Mrs Pike
  Mrs Bagley Mrs Mahone Mrs Sooi
  Ben Scott    

Apologies: Mrs Falcon, Mrs Hemsley, Mrs Walker, Mrs Sutton

Mrs Finlay conducted the meeting

Mrs Scott recorded the Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

All attendees confirmed receipt of Minutes of our last meeting which were confirmed as a true copy.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Little discussed the PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of £3826.36 following receipt of sponsored maths event proceeds totalling £1295, we are still awaiting details of the Halloween event. Expenditure includes printing of raffle tickets at a cost of £155 (same as last year). Children were given a key ring in lieu of a Halloween present; PTA purchased 350 key rings at a net cost of £234.50 this expense will appear on next Treasurers Report.

Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair is to be held on Friday 6th December 2pm to 3.30pm.

Attractions to include:

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, crisps and biscuits to be served in the dining hall

Tea or Coffee with biscuit 50p

Crisps 20p

Soft Drink 20p

Mrs Finlay to purchase stocks and any residual stock to be purchased by Mrs Pike for KS1 Christmas party.

Baking Stall

Guess the Bears Birthday - Mrs Clark to order bear

School Raffle

Face Painting &Tattoo Parlour - Lisa and Bernie have agreed to face paint small areas only to avoid congestion. Mrs Pike to order tattoos and check we have sufficient face paints.

Nail Bar - Hayley Gorman has agreed to run this (PTA to ensure that she is reimbursed for materials used).

Santa's Grotto - to be located in the Library (signs required) price to include photo and present. Mrs Finlay and Carol to create. Photographs to be purchased from online supplier following last year's success. Mrs Finlay to purchase gifts and Santa has been invited to attend.

Sports Hall:

Bag Stall - £1 each to be filled by children from home, bags provided by school to be sent out with raffle tickets. Christmas Fair donations to be placed behind the chairs in the staff room.

Jar Stall - to be sold for £1 each, Mrs Henderson to check if there are any remaining Christmas Decorations to be sold.

Tombola -Mr Warbrick to ask Mrs Pattinson if we can borrow from Church. Mrs Pike to purchase prizes from Baker Ross and good quality items from stalls may also be used as prizes.

Lucky Dip/Rudolph Dust - Mrs Finlay to run, Mrs Pike to order lucky dip sets from Baker Ross and Mrs Finlay to check for remaining stocks of photo pens.

Guess the weight of the cake - To approach Mrs Douglas to see if she is able to provide a cake. Mrs Mahone has kindly agreed to make this cake should Mrs Douglas be unable to do so.

Mrs Fleming is donating two chocolate cakes for the fair. PTA members agreed to a silent auction with sealed bids the cakes being awarded to the highest bidders.

Cuddly Toy Stall - to be stocked with donations from Children, price according to individual item.

Guess the Name of the Bear - Mrs Clark to purchase


Crafty stall - Mrs Potts to run

Toy Stall

CD/DVD stall

Pick a lolly - need lollies

Book Stall - remaining books to be sent off to a Company who will purchase

White Elephant

Day Raffle - Adult & Child Raffle

Hook a Duck - prize for an even number, Mrs Pike to purchase prizes from Baker Ross.

Year 5/6 interactive games -to be manned on a shift basis to allow Children to attend the fair.

Games Arcade in computer room

Cake Decorating - Mrs Pike to run Mrs Falcon & Mrs Mahone have agreed to bake Mrs Pike has requested biscuits rather than buns if possible as they proved very popular last year. Mrs Pike to purchase icing etc. Three people required to run this stall due to popularity.

Coin Drop - need £2's and 20p's

Staff Baby photos - Photos to be displayed on a large board and answer sheets to be handed back in with name of partaker to mark later. £20 prize, if jointly won to be split.

Holding Bay for KS1 children with no parents present

Mrs Little to obtain float

Mrs Finlay to make signs, purchase 350 tubes of sweets (to be wrapped by PTA members)

Pots required for money


Mrs Henderson advised members that Mrs Suitor's class of 18 pupils are to take part in the "U Dance" project at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick on Tuesday 4th March at 6pm. The theme of the project is electricity in line with a science project and it is a curriculum performance so it done in class. Staff to attend an inset course to find out what props can be used. Mrs Henderson requested possible funding towards costumes and will provide further information/ costing at our next meeting.

Any Other Business

Mrs Mahone discussed the little Asda token drop, no update has been given as yet but we may have been pipped at the post by St John's Ambulance; if so we would still be awarded £25 and she is still hoping for Beckstone PTA to be included in the larger Asda token drop.

Mrs Pike confirmed with Mrs Mahone that the quote obtained for weed suppressor/willow hurdles is competitive and she will now order these items. PTA agreed to donate £350 at an earlier meeting towards this project.

Mr Warbrick is to contact Allerdale Borough Council as we have not received an invoice for our Lottery Licence for some time.

Mrs Mahone to check details of PTA night out with Mrs Walker.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is to be held on Monday 27th January at 5.30pm