Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 19th November 2012 at
Beckstone Primary School.

Present: Mrs Finlay Mrs Scott Mrs Hemsley
  Mrs Little Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson
  Mrs Pike Mrs Bagley Mrs Mahone
  Mrs Mahone Mrs Falcon Ben Scott

Apologies: Mrs Sooi

Mrs Finlay Vice Chairperson conducted the meeting

Mrs Scott recorded the Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

All attendees confirmed receipt of Minutes of our last meeting which were confirmed as a true copy.

Following on from items discussed at our last meeting:

Mrs Henderson has secured an extension for the school stage at a discount of 10% and costing £1900 this is a flexible stage which can be used both at School and at Church and has already been delivered allowing it to be used at the remaining assembly and Christmas performances.

The Halloween day was enjoyed by all; thank you to Mrs Finlay for her extensive purchasing in relation to this event.

Mrs Bagley again discussed the suggestion of ordering blank canvas bags with a view to each child creating their unique bag, these bags were costed at £20 for 15 22x27cm bags. It was decided due to other activities this term it would not be practical to devote the time required for each child to create their own bag. Mrs Mahone however has provided a sample bag which could be printed with a general school design and she is to check the website for details and costing.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Little discussed the PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of £3900 following receipt of income Tax Gift Aid refund of £243. We do still however have invoices in relation to Raffle Tickets and the Stage to pay and unfortunately the Halloween day event was run at a loss.

Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair is to be held on Friday 7th December at 2pm to 3.30pm.

Attractions to include:

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, crisps and biscuits to be served in the dining hall

Tea or Coffee with biscuit 50p

Crisps 10p

Soft Drink 20p

Mrs Finlay to check stocks (have some crisps and drinks remaining from Halloween)

Baking Stall

Guess the Bears Birthday - Mrs Clark 50p per guess

School Raffle

Face Painting - location to be advised , Mrs Pike to approach Theresa and locate tin with paints and order supplies from Baker Ross - 50p per cheek

Tattoo Parlour - small 50p band £1 Mrs Pike to order stocks

Nail Bar - Mrs Henderson to approach Emma O'Pray and Charlotte Caldew re this we will cover cost of equipment.

Santa's Grotto - to be located in the Library (signs required ) price to include photo and present. Mrs Finlay to price online prints to provide a better quality photograph and purchase supplies required for presents.

Sports Hall:

Bag Stall - £1 each to be filled by children from home, bags provided by school

Jar Stall - to be sold for £1 each to be replaced by Christmas Items when all sold - Items to be located from PTA Cupboard

Tombola - to discuss with Mrs Pattinson who could borrow from church and also possibly man this stall, 3 tickets for £1?

Lucky Dip/Rudolph Dust - £1/50p Mrs Finlay to run, Mrs Pike to order lucky dip sets from Baker Ross.

Guess the weight of the cake - To approach Mrs Douglas to see if she is able to provide a cake and possibly man the stall £1 per guess. Mrs Mahone has also kindly agreed to decorate a less traditional cake in addition to this.

Cuddly Toy Stall - to be stocked with donations from Children, price according to individual item.

Guess the Name of the Bear - Mrs Clark to purchase 2 bears 50p per guess


Toy Stall

Advent Calendar - it was suggested that Year 6 children provide sweets, Mrs Henderson to consider

CD/DVD stall

Pick a lolly 20p

Book Stall

White Elephant

Day Raffle - Adult 20p each £1 per strip, Child raffle 10p each 50p strip

Noose a goose (good luck with that) - prizes required 50p

Year 5/6 interactive games - one room only with Mrs Henderson in attendance

Games Arcade in computer room 50p for 20 mins

Sand Models - Mrs Lowery

Cake Decorating - Mrs Pike - Mrs Falcon agreed to bake buns for decorating (100) and an additional 100 biscuits to be purchased as well as items to decorate with.

Badge stall - to be discussed

Holding Bay for KS1 children with no parents

Mrs Little to obtain float
Mrs Finlay to make signs
Mrs Bagley to provide pots for money


Year 1 and 2 teachers give pebbles and buttons on a team basis to children as a reward for performance and behaviour; the team with the most gets a small treat eg rubber or pencil.
PTA was asked to consider a donation of £180 to cover the costs of treats for a full year for three classes, members were happy to agree to this request.

Mrs Henderson requested an additional £600 to extend the new stage further. Due to our available funds at present it was decided that the School Fund would initially provide funds for this purchase with a view to PTA considering donating towards this following the Christmas Fair and Raffle.

Any Other Business

Mrs Mahone suggested a walking bus from Brewery House Car Park to leave approximately 8.40am in the morning, names of volunteers required and tabards were suggested.

Mrs Mahone discussed a possible grant from Robin Rigg West Cumbria fund in relation to sustainable energy. Grants are from £1000 to £15000 (one off) with reserve costs for between one and three years she is to investigate this further.

Mrs Hemsley requested replacing the traditional dictionary gift to year 6 leavers with a hoody. Mr Warbrick felt that the dictionary may be more appropriate as an educational gift he is however willing to discuss the possibility of Year 6 students being allowed to wear a hoody to school for a period towards the end of the year as uniform which would then make the cost of purchasing the item more viable to parents.

Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is to be held on Monday 28th January 2013 at 5.30pm