Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 8th November 2011 at
Beckstone Primary School.

Present: Mrs Finlay Mrs Hardy Mrs Scott
  Mr Warbrick Mrs Bagley Mrs Pike
  Mrs Falcon Mrs Pattinson  

Apologies: Mrs Lowery, Mrs Murray, Mrs Watson, Mrs Sutton, Ms Jelly, Mrs Hemsley

Mrs Finlay Vice Chairperson conducted the meeting

Mrs Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

All attendees confirmed receipt of the Minutes of our last meeting which were confirmed as a true copy.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Hardy discussed the PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of £3466.01 following receipt of the Income Tax Gift Aid Refund of £239.54 and Halloween Day Income of £77.20.
Expenditure since our last meeting includes AGM Food and Wine totalling £100.44 and Christmas Raffle Tickets £155. Members discussed how best to highlight the Tax Gift Aid section on the next sponsor request as the amount we were able to claim was significantly less than previous claims and the refund provides a significant boost to our funds.

Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair is to be held on 2nd December at 2pm to 3.30pm stalls to be set up on the afternoon of Thursday 1st December.

Attractions to include:

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, crisps and biscuits to be served in the dining hall via the "hatch"

Tea or Coffee with a biscuit 50p
Crisps 10p
Soft Drink 20p

Mrs Finlay to check Tea and Coffee and purchase as necessary also required soft drinks, crisps, biscuits and milk.

Cake Stall - this is a very popular stall and four people will be required to ensure it runs smoothly. Mrs Falcon has offered to make a contribution to this stall.

Guess the Bears Birthday - Mrs Clark 50p per guess

School Raffle

Christmas Items - Mrs Bagley to locate items received from Wilkinson's for this stall

Face Painting/Tattoo Parlour - location to be advised, Mrs Pike is to approach Bernie and Mrs Lowery to run this stall; and to ensure that face paints and tattoos are available or order from Baker Ross if necessary - 50p per cheek,

Nail Bar - Mrs Bagley to approach Jennifer & Emma O'Pray? to run this stall which could be located in Debbie's Room to ease congestion.

Santa's Grotto - to be located in the Library (signs required) £2 to include photo on paper and selection box. Mrs Finlay to approach Tesco re purchase of 421 selection boxes/tubes of sweets including 321 required for Christmas Dinner Day. Mrs Pattinson to approach Ron Hill to assist with this and on Christmas Dinner Day.

Sports Hall:

Bag Stall - £1 each to be filled by children from home, bags provided by School

Jar Stall - to be sold for £1 each, Dorothy to run

Tombola - Mrs Pattinson to attempt to borrow Tombola Drum from Church, 3 tickets for £1. Care is required when setting up this stall to avoid problems experienced at last event.

Lucky Dip/Rudolph Dust - £1/50p Mrs Finlay to run and obtain prizes

Guess the Weight of the Cake - Mrs Douglas has kindly baked a cake for this stall, £1 per guess

£50 stall - Mrs Hardy to obtain £50 note

Cuddly Toy Stall - to be stocked with donations from Children, price according to individual item

Guess the Name of the Bear - Mrs Clark to purchase 2 bears 50p per guess


Toy Stall
Advent Calendar -Mrs Kelly to run need prizes for this
CD/DVD Stall
Pick a Lolly 20p - money back if lolly stick bears a red label
Book Stall
White Elephant
Day Raffle -Adult 20 each £1 per strip, Child Raffle - 10p each 50p strip
Hook a Duck - 20p - Mrs Pike to check and reorder prizes from Baker Ross if necessary
Coin Drop Game - 20p on to £2 - Mrs Hardy to get £2 coins and 20p's
Practical Games - Arcade to be set up by Mr Warbrick in conjunction with Year 6
Games Arcade in Computer Room 20p for 20 minutes
Holding Bay for KS1 Children with no parents

We have been promised some raffle prizes by Ali's Indian Takeaway

Donations required from children for Hampers and Raffle

Christmas Lunch

To be held on Thursday 8th December in three sittings, Mr Warbrick read a list of members who were to be invited to this event following their regular attendance of PTA meeting during the last School Year; the list was approved by members.

Mrs Pattinson is to ask Ron Hill to assist with this event.


Mrs Pike provided an update in relation to her request for funding towards Outdoor Climbing Equipment. Nothing suitable has been located and Mrs Pike has therefore made enquiries at Kenmare Joinery in relation to costing for a custom made climbing frame/den with camouflage nets and a slope with ropes for children to pull themselves up helping to develop arm muscles. The equipment is to be located in the Reception Garden. Further information/prices to be provided at next meeting.

Mrs Finlay made a request for funding to purchase KS1 Nativity Costumes to include Mary, Joseph, Kings, Shepherds, Angels and Sheep. The current costumes have now been in use for a number of years. PTA Members agreed to fund this at a cost of approximately £200.

Update on Path

Councillor Marjorie Rae has now secured funding for hardcore path from Brewery House to Rose Hill. Work has already started the area already having been strimmed and digging appears to have commenced at the top of the hill. All members agreed this is a fantastic achievement by Councillor Rae.

Any Other Business

Nothing to discuss

Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 24th January 2012 at 5.30pm