Present: Mr Warbrick Mr Marczinski Mrs Scott Mrs Hardy  
  Mrs Henderson Ms Bagley Mrs Finlay Mrs Pike
  Mrs Hemsley Mrs Askew Mrs Watson Mrs Lowery
  Mrs Little Mrs Murray      

Apologies: Mrs Falcon, Mrs Sutton, Ms Jelly and Mrs Sooi 

Mrs Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting.


Minutes of Last Meeting

Mrs Scott highlighted the main points discussed at the last meeting:

The all weather path/flooring has now been laid (not without trauma)! Due to the time of year this was laid there have been some issues with the surface being very slippy, advice has been taken how to alleviate this problem. The official opening of the new Outdoor Classroom will be held on Thursday 18th November at 2pm. Celebrations will include performances by the School Choir and Drummers and the event is to be attended by BNFL Officials.

PTA Quiz - 12 entries were returned with joint winners being Kathryn, Craig and Sean Lowery and Emily Ward. PTA members decided that the full prize could be awarded to the entrants and Mrs Lowery kindly asked that her prize was also awarded to Emily Ward.

Mrs Hemsley is to organize another PTA Quiz to be distributed around Easter.

Christmas Raffle- The PTA would like to say a big Thank You to Carol Watson and Emma Askew for their efforts in obtaining prizes for the Christmas Raffle. Due to their success it was decided to use some of these prizes in the Adult Day Raffle on Christmas Fair Day.

At our last meeting Mrs Sutton suggested a Balloon Race as a possible fundraising event. Mrs Hardy has since obtained information from a Company called BOC who sell environmentally
friendly balloons at a cost of £95 & vat for 200 to include gas, nets can also be purchased separately. PTA members agreed this event could be a possibility for next year.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Hardy discussed the PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of £7399.87 which includes £439.53 Income Tax Gift Aid Refund. The PTA donation of £6000 towards the all weather path/flooring still has to be paid from these funds. Halloween Day produced a net profit of £40 (£185 cheque in relation to this still to be banked).

Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair is to be held on 3rd December at 2pm to 3.30pm stalls to be set up after school on 2nd December.

Attractions to Include:

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, crisps and biscuits to be served from Miss Olletts room by Julie Hardy, Emma Askew and member of school staff.
Tea or Coffee with biscuit - 50p
Crisps - 10p
Soft Drink - 20p
Mrs Finlay to purchase - 3 boxes of crisps, 100-150 drinks and check supply cupboard for tea, coffee and sugar. Mrs Askew to bring milk.

Year 3 / 4 to host Tattoo Parlour 50p each and Face Painting 50p per cheek (Mrs Lowery and Miss Wildgoose) - Mrs Pike to order supplies from Baker Ross Catalogue.

Dinning Hall:

Jewellery Stall - To be arranged

Guess the Bears Birthday - Mrs Clark - £1 per guess

Nail Bar - Mr Warbrick to check with Hayley and Sarah Donovan

School Raffle

Santa’s Grotto - Mrs Finlay to make this with Mrs Sewell.
Visit Santa at a cost of £2 to include photograph and selection box. Mrs Hardy to liase with Mrs Finlay as to how many selection boxes to purchase.

Ron Hill is happy to offer his services for this event and also on Christmas Dinner Day.

Cake Stall - Mrs Falcon has offered to make a contribution to this stall and Mrs Sooi has expressed an interest in running the stall. Donations of cakes required.

Sports Hall:

Bag Stall - £1 each to be filled by children from home sold at £1 each- bags to be issued by school.

Jar Stall - to be sold at £1 each

Tombola - Mrs Hardy to borrow machine - 3 tickets for £1

Lucky Dip/Rudolph Dust - £1/50p - Helen Finlay to run prizes to be ordered from Baker Ross.

Guess the weight of the cake - £1 per guess, Mrs Hardy to ask Mrs Douglas to bake cake.

£50 stall - Mrs Hardy to obtain note, Mrs Hemsley to run.

Cuddly Toy Stall - to be stocked with donations from children, price according to individual item.

Guess the Name of the Bear - Mrs Clark to purchase 2 bears £1 per guess.


Toy Stall
Advent Calendar
CD/DVD stall
Pick a lolly - 20p
Book Stall
White Elephant
Day Raffle - Adult 20p each £1 strip, Child Raffle - 10p each 50p strip
Hook a Duck - 20p
Coin drop Game - 20p on to £2
Games Arcade - 20p for 20 mins

Any Other Business

It was decided that Santa would like to issue a keepsake gift at the Christmas Dinner Day this year. PTA members agreed to the purchase of 310 plastic mugs bearing the school name in blue at a cost of £1.01 each. Order to be made by the School Office

It was also proposed that Christmas Bags may be purchased from Baker Ross as an alternative to using wrapping paper this year. Mrs Pike to check cost of these.

Mrs Bagley requested that the PTA relocate its supply cupboard to the CDC room to allow the existing space to be used to store art materials. The PTA was happy to oblige and the cupboard was cleared at the end of the meeting.


No requests received.

Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 25th January 2011 at 5.30pm.