Present: Mr Warbrick Mr Marczinski Mrs Scott   Mrs Hardy Mrs Askew
  Mrs Finlay  Mrs Hemsley Amy Scott Mrs Bagley Mrs Pike
  Miss Wright  Mrs Lucas Miss Peaker Mrs Murray Miss Jelly
  Mrs Sutton Miss Donovan Mrs Falcon Mr Smith Mrs Sooi
  Mrs Little         





Apologies: Mrs Henderson   Mrs Wilson   Mrs Longstaff


Mrs Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting.

Due to the fantastic number of new members all members introduced themselves.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Mr Warbrick discussed the minutes of the last meeting, Some new members received a copy of these minutes as they expressed an interest in the PTA at the drop in session; anyone who would like to see the minutes of the last few meetings can access these via the school website.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Hardy discussed the accounts showing a healthy balance of £5468.83 which includes a Gift Aid Refund of £438.74. We have now paid for the Reception outdoor equipment costing £1593.09 but await details of the income generated by the Halloween event.

Mrs Hardy has also purchased selection boxes totalling approximately £430 the cost of which is still to be debited.

Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair is to be held on Friday 4th December from 2pm to 3.30pm. Stalls to be set up after school on Thursday 3rd December.

Attractions to include:

*Ear Ring Stall - £1 to £2.50 Mr Marczinski to check if possible.
*Advent Calendar - 20p
*Guess the Bears Birthday - 50p (Mrs Clark to purchase bear and run)
*School Raffle - 20p Mrs Lucas to run
*Face Painting - 50p a cheek, Miss Donovan to run and provide face
*Paints (also Teresa Rodney?)
*Santa's Grotto - £2 including photo on paper - photographer to be arranged.
*Cake Stall - Mrs Sooi and Mrs Falcon to run. (Mrs Falcon, Mrs Murray and Miss Jelly happy to provide cakes).
*Refreshments - Tea or coffee and biscuit 50p
*Soft drinks 20p, crisps 10p to be served in Miss Ollett's Room. Mrs Askew and Mrs Hardy to run.
*Bag Stall - £1 each, bags to be sent out with children to fill with
*Unwanted toys and returned to school, Mrs Murray to run.
*Jar Stall - £1 Miss Briggs and Mrs Jackson to run.
*Tombola - 3 for £1 Miss Peaker to run (machine Mrs Pattinson?)
*Lucky Dip and Rudolph Dust - £1 & 50p respectively (Mrs Finlay)
*Guess the weight of the Cake - Mrs Hardy to ask Mrs Douglas to bake
*£50 note stall - Mrs Hemsley to run, Mrs Hardy to obtain note &chart
*Cuddly Toy Stall - toys donated by children stall run by Miss Wright
*Guess the Name of the Bear - 50p Mrs Clark to organize bear
*Toy Stall - donations of unwanted toys from children
*CD & Dvd Stall - donations required
*Pick a Lolly - Mrs Finlay to purchase a jar of lollies
*Book Stall - donations required
*Day Raffle - Adults and Childrens raffle, prizes selected from donations
*Games Arcade - 20p in computer room
*Hook a Duck or Fishing Game - (to be considered Mrs Hemsley)
*Nail Stall - Mr Warbrick to ask Hayley

Mrs Hardy to obtain £50 note, £20 M&S voucher

Mrs Finlay to purchase items required for refreshments, jar of lollies and sweets.

Mr Warbrick to ask for donations of cakes, unwanted books, cd's, dvd's cuddly toys and for children to fill plastic bags provided. We also require raffle prizes!


Mr Warbrick asked for members to discuss possible impact of closure of the Infant School Car Parks to parents transporting their children to and from School. Members were concerned about this and commented how even closure of the rear Infant School Playground on the odd occasion without prior notification caused some parents who may have found themselves short of time to park in unsuitable positions potentially dangerous to pupils; some members also felt even the attendance of Community Police officers did not deter these offenders who do not appear to take their presence seriously (perhaps due to them being unable to issue tickets).

Parents often found the gate to the rear infant playground open one day and locked the next, unfortunately this is only discovered when they have already entered the front parking area only large enough for a small number of cars; resulting in cars having to reverse onto Church Road an already extremely congested area at School times. The suggestion that this land may be sold to a private developer surprised one of our members who having previously made enquiries about this site was advised that it had to remain for Community use. Opening the wall adjacent to Church Road from the rear playground allowing traffic to enter and exit at different areas was an extremely popular suggestion.

The suggestion that parents were able to park on the marina and walk to the School was felt unacceptable by all members as pupils range from the age of 3 and often those walking from the vicinity of the station found their children both very slow and indeed extremely wet in bad weather.
Members again discussed upgrading of the Railway Line as a flat surface, lighting and clearance of overgrown shrubs would mean that more pupils would access the School via this route. Mr Warbrick advised that this was still under consideration but was proving difficult as land is privately owned.


Mrs Henderson has obtained a quote of between £800 and £1000 (dependant upon labour time) to purchase four more stage lamps to be located on the back wall of the sports hall. Members elected to delay a decision on this funding until the next meeting when Mrs Henderson could demonstrate the improvements they would make to productions held.

It was suggested if this was agreed that school could perhaps sell DVDs of children's assemblies to parents unable to attend due to other commitments for perhaps £1 (this could be trialled at the nursery performance) and any proceeds deducted from the potential purchase of the new lamps.

Any Other Business


Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12th January at 5.30pm