Present: Mr Warbrick  Mrs Henderson Mrs Hardy Mrs Scott
   Mrs Fleming Mrs Finlay Mrs Askew   Mrs Ray 
  Mrs Finnegan   Ms Holliday          Mrs Hemsley  

Apologies:  Mr Marczinski

Treasurers Report


Mrs Hardy discussed the accounts showing a balance of £1596.63.

We have recently received a Gift Aid refund of £344.82 and made a profit of £7.74 on our Halloween Party Day !!


Christmas Fair


The Christmas Fair is to be held on Friday 7th December from 2pm to 3.30pm any available PTA members to help setting up tables after school on Thursday 6th December. 


Fair to include:


Nail Bar

Bag Stall

Jar Stall - Mrs Clark?

Refreshments: Tea, Coffee, soft drinks, crisps and biscuits


Lucky Dip and Rudolph Dust - Mrs Finlay to organise

Games Arcade

Tea Towel stall

Face Painting

Guess the weight of the cake - Mrs Hardy to ask Mrs Douglas to help

£50 note stall

Santa's Grotto - Mrs Askew to speak to Santa!

Santa's photographer

School Raffle

Cake Stall

Necklace stall

Pick a Lolly

Books and videos

Day Raffle

Bric a Brac

Name the Bear


Mrs Finnegan to purchase 4 boxes of crisps, 4 boxes of drinks and biscuits.


Mr Warbrick is to place an order for 400 Tea Towels at a cost of £624 to be sold at £3 each.


As some of the main prizes for the Christmas Draw are Hampers the contents of which are to be donated by the children. Mr Warbrick is to discuss the Countries theme with his staff and if possible arrange for the Hampers to be on display at the Christmas Fair as tickets for the Draw will be available for purchase. 




Mrs Hardy has purchased 285 selection boxes and wrapping paper those used for Santa's grotto to be replaced for Christmas Lunch Day.


The Breakfast Club have requested funding to purchase VTech Computers for the younger children to use.  The PTA members agreed  to donate £150 toward the purchase.


Mrs Henderson has requested funding to help with the Schools Rock Challenge Performance next year.  Details of funding required to be discussed at our next meeting to include costing of T Shirts printed with School Logo for all participants.  


Any Other Business


Marks and Spencer have kindly agreed that we may Bag Pack on Saturday 15th December between 10am and 2-3pm. Volunteers required.  Mr Warbrick to send out a letter requesting volunteers and stating times. We must provide buckets with school logo and visitors badges for adults.  All profits to PTA !!


Following the kind donation made by Iggesund we have sufficient funds to cover the cost of the tracksuit tops for year 3/4.  Mrs Finnegan is to approach the Times and Star for extra funding for tracksuit bottoms.  If this cannot be obtained the PTA are happy to pay the remaining costs.


The Mosquito Alarm is now in place to deter groups of young people hanging around the school it is active between 6pm and 11pm and can only be heard by youths under 25.


Date of Next Meeting 


Tuesday 22nd January 2008 at 5.30pm.