Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 12th May 2014


Mrs Finlay Mrs Scott Mrs Little
  Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson Mrs Bagley
  Mrs Pike Mrs Hemsley Mrs Walker 
  Mrs Mahone Mrs Sutton Mrs Vaughan

Apologies:  None

Mrs Scott recorded the Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

Members confirmed receipt of the minutes of the last meeting and approved their contents.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Little discussed PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of £5211.07 which has been enhanced by our Bingo Night which made a gross profit of £469.70.

Expenditure includes dance costumes and Foundation sundries (£750 still to be invoiced) cost so far £498.42 and we still have to reimburse the school for Bingo and Easer Competition prizes totalling approx. £130.

Mrs Little has contacted the Inland Revenue regarding our Gift Aid refund for the PTA last sponsored event and they advised her as our registered contact with them is Mrs Hardy any documentation bearing a different name will have been returned. Nothing received back to date. Mrs Little has a form to amend the registered contact details to her own and 30 days later she can resubmit the claim (can backdate up to five years).

Fun Day

The Fun Day is to be held on Thursday 17th July. Mr Warbrick has arranged three bouncy castles and the Fire Service will be bringing their climbing wall free of charge, four children can use this at a time and it will be manned by Fire Service personnel.

PTA to provide 370 Ice Lollies. Mrs Finlay to purchase.

PTA also to hold a Summer Fayre on this day where donations of toys, books and games can be sold with all proceeds going to PTA funds. Year 6 children may assist PTA volunteers at this event. Mrs Walker to invite RNLI to attend.


PTA agreed for this school year only to fund all School Trip transport costs totalling £3585.  Future assistance will be in relation to Summer Trips for all School Years only.  Members agreed to pay the balance in two instalments the second being paid after receipt of the upcoming sponsored event proceeds.

PTA members also agreed to pay £500 towards carpets and soft furnishings.

Any Other Business

Mrs Sutton suggested selling cold drinks to parents on sports day, proceeds to PTA funds. Mrs Bagley to enlist help from the over 55's.

Mr McAllister a parent who works for Barclays, is able to get up to £1000 matched funding through his employer if he is involved in a Charity organised fundraising event. Mrs Henderson to find out more information to see if there is a maximum award for each event as we have two fundraising events coming up the Sponsor Day and the Fun Day Fayre.

Mrs Hemsley suggesting bag packing as a good fundraising activity although it can be difficult to get a slot anywhere. Mrs Finlay to approach Bernie as she has connections with Tesco and Miss Wildgoose who has connections with Asda. If Asda are made aware before the event they will also allow us to sell official raffle tickets so around the time of the Christmas Draw would be good for this.

A potential opening ceremony/coffee morning was discussed. Cake donations to be requested. Date and location to be revealed!

Mrs Bagley to approach members of the Rotary tradesman willing to donate their services. A joiner in particular is required.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is to be held on Monday 23rd June 5.30pm - venue to be confirmed.