Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 22nd May 2012  at
Beckstone Primary School.


Mrs Lowery Mrs Hardy Mrs Scott
  Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson Mrs Pike
  Mrs Finlay Mrs Walker Mrs Sutton
  Mrs Murray Mrs Sooi Mrs Little


Mrs Hemsley    





Apologies: Mrs Pattinson Mrs Falcon Mrs Bagley Mrs Mahone

Mrs Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

Members confirmed receipt of minutes of the last meeting and approved their contents.

Treasurer's Report

Mrs Hardy discussed PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of 2692.88 which was boosted by our Bunny Drive which made a net profit of £217.04.

An Olympic Medal was purchased for each child at a cost of £350.


Mrs Henderson is leading a Children's Olympic event on Tuesday 12th June; 2671 children from 15 schools will attend the event which is to be held at Derwent Park Stadium from 10am to 2pm.

Entry is by programme only and Parents/relatives can reserve up to 4 programmes per family at a cost of £2 each at the School Office up until Friday 25th May (name and payment will be taken as still being printed). Seat/standing places in the arena are on a first come first served basis (max 1800 seated) on the day itself. Parents/relatives will not be allowed to leave the premises until all children have left.

The PTA has purchased an Olympic Medal for each child so that they have a keepsake from this event.

On 24th May at 1.15pm the Workington Olympics Torch, which was designed by St Josephs School, will leave Beckstone Primary School accompanied by Miss Harris, Sheryl McKeating and four Year 6 pupils (chosen by lottery from the children with a Cyclewise certificate) on bikes. The local press have been invited to attend the event with KS2 children lining the drive and KS1 children lining the playground. The torch will then make its way to Distington via the cycle path. It will visit all 15 schools before pupils from Northside School walk it into the stadium and place it in the podium which has been designed by Stobbarts.

The official Olympic Torch will be visiting Workington on 21st June and although it has been decided that the school cannot have a full school trip to this event parents/family members have been invited to take their children out of school early to watch this event. Children can be collected from 1.00pm on this day.

Fun Day

To take place on Wednesday 18th July. Mr Warbrick has organised bouncy castles and Mrs Pike is to organise Staff/PTA members to apply face paints and tattoos. PTA members were happy to purchase an ice lolly for each child.

Mrs Finlay to purchase 347 ice lollies. PTA members to attend the event if possible.

Mr Warbrick suggested the children may like to repeat the throw the wet sponge at a teacher episode, volunteer required!!


Mr Warbrick discussed the potential purchase of a new video camera to record events such as school plays and class assemblies. It has been suggested that a Panasonic GX800 may be a good purchase at a cost of approximately £690.

PTA members agreed that they would prefer to accumulate more funds towards a new stage and as the school profits from sale of DVDs of these events Mr Warbrick is to attempt to fund a new camera from the school fund.

Mrs Henderson is to investigate styles and costs of staging for our next meeting.

Mrs Bagley made a request for funding to replace phonics cards which are dotted around the playground. The existing cards are approximately 5 years old and are starting to break. PTA members agreed funding of up to £500 towards this.

Mrs Lowery has details of a potential fundraising scheme involving Crazy Sand to be discussed further at our next meeting.

Mrs Henderson discussed ordering tea towels/bags with pictures drawn by pupils, to be discussed further at our next meeting.

Any Other Business

The year 6 leaving ceremony is to take place on 12th July at 6pm in Southfield School Hall. Tickets will be available after half term. Mrs Finlay and Mrs Hardy were invited to hand out dictionaries as they both have children in year 6.

Halloween Day is to take place on Friday 26th October as Halloween falls in the half term break. Mr Warbrick to organise a disco, a donation of £1 per child to be requested. Children in year 6 will be away that week at Kingswood so it was suggested that they will have their own celebrations.

Date of Next Meeting

Our AGM is to be held on Tuesday 25th September at 6pm. Mr Warbrick is to ask the cook to arrange a buffet for 15-20 people; Mrs Finlay to purchase soft drinks to accompany this.