Present: Mr Warbrick  Mr Marczinski Mrs Scott Mrs Hardy
  Mrs Hemsley Mrs Finlay Mrs Fleming Mrs Finnegan
  Mrs Ray      

Apologies:  Mrs Henderson, 

Mrs. Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting


Treasurers Report

Mrs Hardy discussed the income and expenditure sheet showing balance of £3486.32 the balance being increased by the Bunny Drive profit of £202.28 and Mr Finlay's kind donation of £200 from his sponsored run.


Sponsored Obstacle Event

This is to be run in classes hopefully early in the week commencing 21st May and will be overseen by teachers.  Mr Warbrick to include a reminder on the newsletter for eligible sponsors to tick the gift aid box.



The PTA has agreed to pay for 4 benches at £369 each to replace damaged ones.


Year 5/6 have requested funds to purchase some Frisbee's.  Mr Marczinski to look into types and cost and the PTA are happy to purchase these.


Nursery/Reception playground - awaiting details of cost to remove fence and make area bigger to allow more exciting areas and equipment to include a tepee.   PTA may be able to help towards some of the new equipment.  Mr Warbrick will provide cost details at next meeting.


Any Other Business

A group of Year 5 girls are to organise a Bring and Buy Sale to raise spending money for Sophie Musgrave's Disney Trip. Adult help is therefore required on Friday 8th June if any PTA members can help.


Due to Beckstone winning a competition, 70 pupils are to visit the Whitehaven Maritime Festival on Friday 15th June where they will tour the Grand Turk Ship.  Class Lotteries are to be drawn to decide which children will attend. 


The following PTA members are available to accompany the children:


Mrs Hemsley

Mrs Finlay

Mrs Fleming

Mrs Hardy

Mrs Ray

Mrs Finnegan (afternoon only)


Ace Dance -  The Reception dance will be performed at Ace Dance in the 6th Form Theatre on Wednesday 23rd May at  6.30.  There will also be a second chance to see our Rock Challenge entry on this evening.


A video of the Rock Challenge entry and dress rehearsal is to be uploaded onto the Beckstone Website.


Year 6 Graduation - To take place on 17th July.  Mrs Finlay has kindly agreed to hand out the dictionaries.


There has unfortunately been a problem with misuse of the school field if anyone has any information please contact Mr Warbrick.




Our AGM is to take place on Tuesday 18th September at 5.30pm this is to be a cheese and wine buffet, details of which will be included in the school newsletter.  Refreshments to be organised by Mrs Scott and Mrs Hardy.