Present: Mr Warbrick  Mrs Scott Mrs Hardy Mrs Hemsley
  Mrs Finnegan Mrs Ray Mrs Finlay Mrs Henderson

Apologies:  Mr Marczinski,  Mrs Askew

Mrs. Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting


Treasurers Report


Mrs Hardy discussed the accounts showing a balance of £3432.03. This has been boosted by a further £250 donation from the Royal Bank of Scotland Community Scheme (total donation now £500).  We have also had a kind donation of £250 from the CN Group Charitable Trust towards the purchase of Beckstone tracksuits for the children to wear at sporting events.  There was a slight drop in the proceeds of the Bunny Drive this year which made a profit of £70.19.  Expenditure included £100 Ace Dance Festival donation and £131.63 for the Year 6 dictionaries.


Sponsored Events


The sponsored events are to be held during the week commencing 19th May.  Mr Warbrick will advise the older children of the date in advance (after checking forecast) to allow them to bring their fancy dress costumes in which they will complete laps of the field.  The younger children are to participate in a Welly Throw! All proceeds to PTA funds.




A letter has been received from the Gardening Club requesting a donation of £200 to purchase plants, seeds and child friendly tools.  The PTA members are happy to agree to this request.


Mr Warbrick made an initial request for funding to purchase a means of storage for playtime games.  Possibilities and cost to be discussed at our next meeting.


Following the success of the Multi-Cultural week this year, Mr Warbrick and Mrs Henderson would like to organize a whole school event for 2009.  The event would be based on Jamaica with all children learning about the country during the week and the grand finale being the Beckstone Hill Festival.  This would include a whole school parade and possibly TV media coverage.  The PTA members were happy to agree that any proceeds of the Christmas raffle will be donated to this event.


Any Other Business


Mrs Scott has nominated the school for a "Supergrounds" Award from the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.  The School has successfully reached the second stage and Mrs Scott and Mr Warbrick are to complete an online application form to be submitted by the 16th June 2008.  If this application is successful the school will receive an award of £4000 to improve the playground facilities.  The PTA members were happy to lend their support to this scheme should we be successful.


The School field is still being badly littered despite a notice being displayed for the last two weeks advising that any further damage could mean that the area would be fenced off.  The school would like to allow the Community to use the facilities but cannot continue to spend time and money repairing damage caused.


Thursday 17th July has been earmarked for a Family Group Fun Day with a Rota of activities to include Bouncy Castles, Computer Arcade, Picnic Lunch and Freddie Fit.  If any PTA members could assist on the day their help would be appreciated. 


Date of Next Meeting

Our AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 16th September 2008 at 5.30pm.


This is to include a free buffet and drinks.  As our members are dwindling if anyone knows a prospective member please invite them along!