Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 15th March 2011 at
Beckstone Primary School.

Present: Mr Warbrick Mrs Scott Mrs Hardy Mrs Henderson  
  Mrs Bagley Mrs Pike Mrs Sutton Mrs Watson
  Mrs Murray Mrs Sooi Mrs Pattinson Mrs Vaughan

Apologies: Mr Marczinski, Mrs Askew, Mrs Finlay, Mrs Hemsley, Mrs Lowery

Mrs Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Mr Warbrick discussed the minutes of the last meeting which can be viewed on the school's website.

The recent PTA quiz distributed had 15 entries and was won by Lloyd and Lewis Sutton who received half of the proceeds totalling £7.50 the remaining £8 (due to additional donation of 50p) being paid to PTA funds.

Mrs Pike presented Isabella the rabbit to PTA members as she is kindly donating her to be raffled shortly.

Mrs Pattinson displayed the Royal Wedding Coins which are to be presented to each child on Thursday 28th April.

Easy Fundraising.Org now has 6 members and has raised £4.55 so far. Mr Warbrick is to remind parents to register on a regular basis.

Highways Update � Councillor Rae

Unfortunately, Councillor Rae was unable to attend the meeting however Mr Warbrick was pleased to advise members that she is making progress with her request to have the path on the railway line from Stocks Hill tarmaced and lit. It is most likely that before funding can be arranged that parents would need to confirm a need for this to take place possibly by completion of a petition. Further update at next meeting.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Hardy discussed the PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of £2424.12 following payment of NCPTA subs £94, Year 6 autograph books and dictionaries £272.84 and Royal Wedding Medals £683.60. No further fund raising events have taken place since last meeting.

Bunny Drive - 31st March

This event is to commence at 6pm entry and refreshment costs confirmed as £2 per adult, £1 per child or £5 per family (max six to include at least one adult). Tea or Coffee and a biscuit to be served at a cost of 50p and juice and a packet of crisps also 50p.

Mr Warbrick is to organise a practice run with pupils to generate some interest.

Prizes: Mrs Vaughan suggested before purchasing Easter eggs approaching Tesco and Morrisons to see if they are willing to donate any prizes of this nature.

Bunny Heads and Bunny Tails to take place as an alternative to stand up bingo as this will save on raffle tickets and be a more topical theme. £1 each with a quarter of proceeds to last adult, quarter to last child and remainder to PTA. Mr Warbrick to organise.

As no prizes have yet been donated for the raffles Mrs Pattinson/Mrs Vaughan are to arrange a text to be sent to all parents as a reminder.

Mr Warbrick is to check with Mrs Finlay how she is getting on with purchasing for this event.

Royal Wedding Event - 28th April

The PTA is to organise a Royal Wedding Extravaganza Street Party on Thursday 28th April with a fancy dress theme. School councillors following discussion with classes have suggested dress code of red, white or blue, Prince or Princess or Bride and Groom.

School caterers can cater for as many as would like to come at a cost of £2.20 per head. They have suggested a buffet spread with a Royal Wedding theme eg Union Jack cakes. School Meals would carry on as normal and further discussion is required regarding those children who would still prefer to bring a packed lunch. Tickets for parents to be sold at £4 each to include buffet lunch. Cook needs to know attendance numbers by 25th March. Staff to pay for lunch as normal and Mr Warbrick is to confirm that drinks are included.

Due to low sales of tickets so far Mrs Pattinson/Mrs Vaughan to send a text to parents to remind them about this event and Mrs Pike is to organise publicity on Border Wall and CFM.

Proceedings to commence on school field between 11.30am and 2pm. Children are to take their own tables and chairs outside to be arranged on the outside of the field with the buffet table being placed against the fence providing a central performance area. A decision will be made if further tables and chairs will required from elsewhere when attendance numbers are available.

Bouncy castles are to be sited on top field, reception and nursery playgrounds. Mr Milner to lead a sing song from central arena (song sheets to be provided) entertainment will also be provided by cheerleaders and Southfield Samba Band.

The Oval Centre is to provide 300 card triangles which have been donated by Iggesund Paperboard to be decorated by children who will then be sewn together by Oval Centre as bunting which will be available for school to use on Thursday and be returned to the Oval Centre for use on Friday.

School to purchase Table Cloths, and 350 flags (one for each child plus extra for decoration). Mrs Pattinson and Mrs Henderson to arrange from website.

Other suggestions by School Council to be taken forward:

Face painting - tables to be set up in the morning in the hall for classes to visit to allow children to have their faces painted prior to the event. Mrs Watson has kindly offered to help and Lisa, Bernie and Sarah have also been suggested as potential artists. A text is to be sent to parents the day before asking them to contact the school if they do not wish their child to have their face painted.

Mrs Henderson is to contact Cumbria Constabulary to attempt to organise a police dog display.

Ice Cream Van to be invited to attend (Mrs Vaughan to arrange) with a view to pupils purchasing their own ice creams as they leave with parents. Children are to be allowed to leave early when accompanied by a parent as long as class teacher is informed.

A competition is to be organised the winners being crowned King and Queen for the Royal Wedding Event. Suggested topic being "If I were King or Queen I would ..." Pictures also being acceptable to allow nursery children to take part. Winners will be treated as King and Queen to sit at top of table on their own 'gold' throne, having their meal first and being called upon to hand out Royal Wedding coins during a parade. School to provide outfits for winners.

Mrs Sutton suggested children be allowed to have their photos taken in the morning on the thrones to be presented in a Union Jack frame.

Due to the scale of the event plenty of helpers will be required so that jobs may be allocated. Mrs Hardy has volunteered and Mrs Murray will help dependant upon work commitments. A text will be sent requesting parents to volunteer to help at the event.

Press to be invited.

Sponsored Event

Obstacle Course to take place during week commencing 23rd May.


Mrs Henderson made a request for funding for School P E Kits due to existing ones deteriorating rapidly. The kits not only boost the image of the school they also increase self esteem of pupils asked to wear them.

Exact costing not yet known but as full kits required PTA happy to allocate half of proceeds of sponsored event to purchase required items.

Mrs Pattinson also made a pledge on behalf of Rock Challenge and PTA members were happy to repeat donation of £500 made in last two years.

Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 28th June at 5.30pm.