Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 12th May 2014


Mrs Finlay Mrs Scott Mrs Little
  Mr Warbrick Mrs Hemsley  Mrs Mahone 
  Mrs Vaughan Mrs Falcon Ben Scott   


Mrs Bagley,  Mrs Sutton,  Mrs Pike,  Mrs Henderson,  Mrs Sooi,  Mrs Walker

Mrs Scott recorded the Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

Members confirmed receipt of the minutes of the last meeting and approved their contents.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Little discussed PTA Accounts. The accounts have not changed since our last meeting. Mrs Vaughan delivered a cheque for £1781 being the proceeds of our Sponsored Event and a cheque for £17.55 from Easy Fund Raising.

Mr Warbrick advised members that we are now affiliated with School Angel which is an independent charity that provides donations to the School when certain retail websites are accessed using the shopping gateway link on the school website. Unlike Easy Fundraising, they do not deduct a fee.

The missing Gift Aid Inland Revenue form has now been returned via Mrs Hardy. Mrs Little is to submit change of contact forms so that her name is added then resubmit the claim.

Fun Day

The Fun Day is to be held on Thursday 17th July. Mr Warbrick has arranged bouncy castles and the Fire Service will be bringing their climbing wall free of charge, arcade games can be played in the computer room and there will be lots of other activities.

PTA to provide 370 Ice Lollies. Mrs Finlay to purchase.

The bring and buy sale originally planned to coincide with the fun day is to be amalgamated with the Christmas Fair.

The reading bus grand opening has also been postponed until the Autumn to ensure work is complete.



No new requests.

Any Other Business

Mrs Mahone expressed concern that there are still no signs or road markings at the end of the back path to indicate it is used by school children and Mrs Hemsley suggested a roadside barrier is required to ensure that children running down the slope do no end up in the road. Mr Warbrick is to discuss these issues with Councillor Marjorie Rae.

The back path has now been cleared with the help of Councillor Rae.

PTA members were lucky enough to be given a tour of the reading bus. Members agreed this was a fantastic facility for the children with lovely views.

Next Meeting

Our AGM is scheduled for Monday 29TH September at 5.30pm.

Donations of cakes would be appreciated!