Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 3rd June 2013 At Beckstone Primary School 


Mrs Finlay Mrs Scott Mrs Hemsley
  Mrs Little Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson
  Mrs Pike Mrs Bagley Mrs Falcon
  Mrs Walker Mrs Mahone Ben Scott

Apologies: Mrs Sutton

Mrs Finlay Chairperson conducted the meeting

Mrs Scott recorded the Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of previous meetings are available on the School website if anyone would like to revisit these.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Little discussed the PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of £3711.35 following a successful Bingo Night which raised £359.06 and an additional Community Cashback Award of £250 from the Royal Bank of Scotland - thanks were expressed to Mrs Scott for this. We are still awaiting details of the amount raised from our sponsored maths event and a further £39 was received from Easy Fundraising following production of the Accounts.

We have yet to pay the invoice for the dictionaries and the design technology equipment.

Fun Day

To take place on Thursday 18th July. Mr Warbrick to organise bouncy castles dependent upon weather! Mrs Finlay is to contact the new 'Clip and Climb' centre in Maryport regarding information she has read about them getting involved in community events. Mrs Walker to contact the Territorial Army who are also known to attend events like this as part of their training. Mrs Pike to check stocks of tattoos and face paints (a notice is to be placed in the newsletter asking parents to approach their child's teacher if they are not allowed to have one). Mrs Finlay is to purchase ice lollies for 350 children. PTA members are welcome to help at this event.


Mrs Pike advised members that PTA funding was sought at short notice for a foundation trip to Workington Plaza Cinema for a special screening of the film 'Epic'. The subject being 'mini beasts' which ties in with their current topic. Available PTA members agreed to fund the trip at a cost of £184 for tickets and £95 for transport.

Mrs Finlay suggested that future school trips be subsidised by PTA funds e.g. transport costs. This would benefit every child in the school and would ease the burden on those families with more than one child at the school. All members were in favour of this action and felt that highlighting the savings being made in the newsletter may help boost the support of the PTA through additional members and increased attendance/participation at events.

Any Other Business

* Mrs Pike is in the process of applying for a Robin Rigg Cumbria Community Grant (available between £1k and £15k) to allow the gardening club to improve the natural wildlife and environmental habitat on an unused area of the school field. The project must benefit the community and not just the school eg Scouts, Rainbows, Youth Club and any suggestions as to other groups that may benefit are welcome.

Mrs Pike also suggested the possibility of a small wind turbine or solar energy being included in the project. Mrs Walker suggested Mrs Pike contact Dr Paddy Quinlan at the University of Cumbria who is an academic in renewable and sustainable energy. Mrs Mahone also suggested contact with Stobbarts in this regard.

PTA members are welcome to join the Gardening Club on Saturday 8th June at 10am to clear ground and move areas for paths.

* Asda currently have a nominate a cause scheme, where through the use of tokens received when purchasing items at the store, community schemes can be nominated for a donation from the Group. It was suggested that Beckstone Primary School should be a popular nominee at the local Asda at Moss Bay and Mrs Mahone is to nominate Beckstone PTA and friends online.

* Mrs Henderson also mentioned that Matalan has a donation bucket scheme in force and Mrs Mahone is to write to the Manager of the store to nominate Beckstone Primary School PTA.

* Hills Books also has a nomination scheme the prize being £250 worth of books Mrs Finlay has in the past nominated the School future nominations would be welcome.

* Sports Day is to be held on Wednesday 3rd July weather permitting! Donations to be requested via text for raffle prizes. Mrs Henderson requested help from PTA members to distribute drinks to children once they have finished their races. This would allow staff to be released to make the event more fluid. Mrs Falcon, Mrs Little and Mrs Hemsley agreed to assist.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting our AGM is to be held on Monday 23rd September at 5.30pm

Members decided against catering for this event. 

Tea, coffee and biscuits (or cake if we are lucky !!!!!!)