Present: Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson Mrs Scott    
  Mrs Askew Mrs Finlay Amy Scott    

Apologies:    Mr Marczinski    Mrs Finnegan    Mrs Hemsley

Mrs. Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

All attendees confirmed they had received a copy of the previous minutes and approved the content.

Treasurers Report

The sponsored Event was extremely successful generating £2166 and we are able to claim gift aid on these funds which is expected to increase this sum by approximately £400!

We have not yet paid for the Reception equipment costing £1573.18 as some of it is still on order. The Reception children had designed some thank you notes which were circulated.

Thanks were given to Mrs Hardy for her hard work this year as Treasurer.

Car Boot Sale

To be held on Saturday 4th July, sellers to set up at 9am, open to buyers from 10am (20p entrance fee) Mr Warbrick to collect admission fees, sale to close at 12pm. We have 17 pre-booked tables generating £85 (£5 per table). Tables to be provided by the school.

It was agreed that anyone arriving on the day may pay £5 and sell items.

If the weather is fine tables along playground in front of school from field gate. If wet hall to be used. Mrs Finlay to organize some signs to attach to lampposts directing buyers to the sale.


Mrs Henderson made a request for funding to purchase 2 additional stage lights to place at the back of the sports hall. Quotes for lights and fitting to be obtained for next meeting.

Any Other Business

Halloween arrangements to be discussed during family groups prior to AGM.

Grateful thanks were given to Mrs Scott for her wonderful work as Secretary of the PTA this year.

Date of Next Meeting

Our AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 22nd September at 5.30pm, in an attempt to attract more members it has been decided to coincide this with a meet the teacher event on the same evening.

Parents to arrive at 5.30pm and be directed to the Sports Hall where they will be shown a Presentation of the work of the PTA detailing the last school years events/expenditure (Mrs Scott and Amy Scott to produce presentation) they will then be invited to join us for coffee, tea and cakes in the dinner hall after they have met their child's teacher.

Mrs Scott to purchase a selection of cakes and milk.

It was also decided that the meeting following the AGM would be held on Tuesday 3rd November at 5.30pm so this could be used on promotional material.


Date of Next Meeting
Our AGM is to be held on Tuesday 22nd September at 5.30 pm.