Present: Mr Warbrick Mr Marczinski Mrs Hardy Mrs Scott  
  Mrs Pike Mrs Hemsley Mrs Sooi Ms Jelly
  Mrs Murray Mrs Falcon Mrs Sutton Mrs Watson
  Mrs Little        


Apologies: Mrs Henderson, Mrs Finlay, Mrs Askew, Mrs Lowery (congratulations!!!)

Mrs Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting.

Minutes of Last Meeting

All attendees confirmed they had received a copy of the previous minutes and approved the content.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Hardy discussed the PTA Accounts. We presently have a very healthy balance of £8898.58. This includes sponsor money collected totalling £2471 and £500 gratefully received from Barclays Bank which was used to cover the Insurance excess after the recent break in at the School. Invoices for playground equipment and lighting for the hall are still awaited.

Credit Union

The Credit Union is a non profit making savings scheme. To encourage our pupils to save it has been suggested by Beckstone Primary Governors that a savings account be opened for each child and a donation of £1 made to each account by the PTA. Rob Rimmer from Workington Credit Union (via Mark Fryer Workington Regeneration) has agreed to match this donation as this is the first scheme of this kind in the area. Each child will also receive a Savings Bank.

Due to the number of Accounts being opened any parent not wishing their child to have an account would have to opt out of the scheme. It has been suggested that children be allowed to pay in to their accounts via their own classrooms to ease congestion at the office and the minimum withdrawal should be set at £10.

There are presently only 5 children with a Credit Union Savings Account.

The PTA has agreed to this donation.

Fun Day

To be held on Wednesday 14th July. Bouncy castles to arrive at 9am.

Mouse Maize to be located in Nursery Yard, slide in Reception play area further castles and obstacle course to be placed on school field.

Computer Room to be transformed into a games arcade.

Other attractions to include face painting (Mrs Watson has kindly agreed to be our artist for the day) and tattoos supplies for which are to be purchased by Mrs Pike. Hook a Duck equipment to be located by Mr Warbrick who has also volunteered to allow children to pummel him with wet sponges!

Cook to prepare a picnic lunch for those on school dinners.

PTA members agreed to purchase a drink and ice cream for each child.

Any PTA help at this event would be gratefully received from 9.30am - Mrs Scott, Mrs Sutton and Mrs Watson have confirmed they will be able to oblige.

Mrs Finlay to purchase a drink and ice cream for each child also small packets of sweets as prizes for the Hook at Duck (Haribo ??)


Credit Union as above

Mrs Bagley suggested the PTA may be able to fund an all weather path/flooring for the new outdoor classroom which would mean that it could be accessed all year round. Quotes are to be obtained by Mr Warbrick and discussed at the next meeting.

Mrs Bagley also requested funding for a novelty bin for the Nursery yard as there is presently an issue with litter in this area. PTA members are happy for her to purchase this item.

Date of Next Meeting

Due to the popularity of last years event it has been decided to hold a Curriculum/Meet the Teacher event on Wednesday 22nd September (date and time to be confirmed to ensure it does not clash with senior school events). The PTA are to have a presence at this event and a PowerPoint presentation will be provided by Mrs Scott and Amy Scott to show the valuable work of our group. During this event we will promote our AGM which has been scheduled for Tuesday 28th September at 6pm. Mr Warbrick is to arrange food for the AGM via the school cook and wine and soft drinks are to be purchased by Mrs Scott.

Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 28th September at 6.00 pm