Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 27th January 2014


Mrs Finlay Mrs Scott Mrs Little
  Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson Mrs Pike
  Mrs Bagley Mrs Hemsley Mrs Sooi
  Ben Scott Matthew Hemsley  

Apologies:  Mrs Walker, Mrs Mahone

Mrs Finlay conducted the meeting

Mrs Scott recorded the Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

All attendees confirmed receipt of Minutes of our last meeting which were confirmed as a true copy.

Updates from last meeting:

Mrs Henderson has purchased 18 pairs of black leather jazz shoes at a cost of £173.05 for use at the U Dance project. In addition to these, two all in one outfits costing no more than £50 may be required, the rest of the costumes have been sourced from existing school resources.

Mr Warbrick contacted Allerdale Borough Council regarding annual payments relating to our lottery licence and an invoice has now been received. Mrs Little is to email Allerdale for clarification as there is some confusion what dates are covered by this bill.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Little discussed the PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of £ 5076.47 following a successful Christmas Fair and Christmas and Reindeer Raffles which produced a gross profit of £2393, thank you to everyone who helped with this event and all the purchasing involved.

We also received £25 from the Asda token drop thank you to Mrs Mahone for organising this.

We are still awaiting our gift aid refund from the sponsored maths event, Mrs Little is to confirm receipt of our claim.

Expenditure includes Halloween discs £244, gardening club supplies £129.92 and Christmas fair/raffle prizes totalling £573.54.

Events for 2014

PTA Members are to organise a Bingo Night to be held on Monday 7th April at 6pm.

Entry and refreshment costs confirmed as £2 per adult and £1 per child entry cost includes one book (Mrs Hemsley has kindly agreed to sort the bingo books). Tea or coffee and a biscuit or juice and crisps to be sold at a cost of 50p. During the break we will have a game of heads and tails at a cost of £1.

Mrs Finlay to purchase prizes (including 6 large eggs, 6 small eggs, a bottle of wine and a cuddly toy) and enough juice and crisps for 100 people.

Egg and Bonnet competition to be judged on Tuesday 8th April. Mrs Finlay to purchase prizes for this event and the egg dump.

Sponsored Circuits event to take place week beginning 2nd June, this will take place indoors if it is raining. Mrs Henderson to organise.


Mr Warbrick provided costing for all planned school trip transport costs for this academic year. The cost being approximately £2200 which included all trips and the main summer trips for all age groups.


A trip for the whole school to Maryport Aquarium where entry will be free.

Transport cost only for:

Nursery trip to Gincase

Reception trip to Trotters

KS1 trip to Walby Farm Park

YR3/4 trip to Sands Centre for a fitness day

YR5/6 trip to Lightwater Valley

Concerns were raised about the Year 3 & 4 Cinema Trip to Frozen in December and these were noted by Mr Warbrick. In addition the potential venue for the year 3/4 Summer Trip was discussed and Mr Warbrick will give feedback to the Year Group before a final decision is made.

Members agreed to fund the transport costs of £2200 on the basis that invoices will be paid when received as this will reduce the immediate impact on PTA funds.

Mrs Pike requesting funding towards purchase of foundation Maths provisions. Outside the school is poorly resourced and equipment is required to inspire thinking skills, problem solving and team skills. The equipment is expected to cost in the region of £1000, will be permanent and will include fence decorations. PTA members were happy to donate up to £1000 towards purchase of these items.

Mrs Bagley requested funding to purchase 2 trikes, a 1 seater trike and a 2 seater trike. The cost will be approximately £400 and the equipment will have a 5 year guarantee. PTA members were happy to agree to this.

Year 6 Leaving Presents

PTA members discussed purchase of Year 6 leaving presents. Whilst the majority agreed that the autograph book was a popular gift there was some discussion about providing a dictionary.

It was suggested that instead a scientific calculator may be a prudent purchase as most secondary schools request pupils purchase one of these upon entry to the school. It was however noted that this would not be a permanent keepsake of time spent at Beckstone Primary School. There were also questions raised as to the requirement of some schools to have a particular make or model. Mr Warbrick is to attempt to find out the potential cost.

Any Other Business

Mrs Finlay kindly volunteered to hand out leaving gifts at the Year 6 graduation ceremony.

Mr Warbrick is to speak to Marjorie Rae regarding the line entrance to the school as the road/pavement does not give any indication that school children use the entrance.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is to be held on Monday 12th May at 5.30pm