Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Monday 28th January 2013  at
Beckstone Primary School.


Mrs Finlay Mrs Scott Mrs Hemsley
  Mrs Little Mr Warbrick Mrs Henderson
  Mrs Pike Mrs Bagley Mrs Mahone

Apologies: Mrs Sooi, Mrs Falcon, Mrs Walker, Mrs Sutton

Mrs Finlay Vice Chairperson conducted the meeting and will step up into the position of Chairperson until our AGM due to Mrs Lowery having other commitments.

Mrs Scott recorded the Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

All attendees confirmed receipt of Minutes of our last meeting which were confirmed as a true copy.

Following on from items discussed at our last meeting:

Despite a request in the School newsletter there have been no volunteers to run a walking bus. Mrs Mahone has been informally helping out other parents due to the recent weather conditions.

The school Governors have agreed that pupils in Yr. 6 can wear the leaversí hoodies from 1st July 2013 as uniform, this will make the cost of purchase more viable to parents.

Treasurers Report

Mrs Little and Mrs Hemsley discussed the PTA Accounts. We presently have a balance of £3121.46 following a successful Christmas Fair and Raffle. Expenditure included £500 for new playground signs and £1925.95 for new staging which has already been used effectively.

Following production of the accounts we have received £250 from the Royal Bank of Scotland Group which is available under the Community Cashback Scheme due to Mrs Scott (member of staff at NatWest ) devoting time to the PTA.

Events for 2013

PTA Members are to organise a Bingo Night to be held on Wednesday 20th March at 6pm.

Entry and refreshment costs confirmed as £2 per adult, £1 per child or £5 per family (max six to include at least one adult) entry cost includes one book. Tea or Coffee and a biscuit to be served at a cost of 50p and juice and a packet of crisps also 50p.

Mrs Hemsley to organise a bingo machine.

It is proposed that we should have 3 games before breaking for refreshments then another 3 games. During the break we will have Bingo Bunny for the cost of £1. Paper bunny will bear a number on the reverse if number is called out must sit down, remaining adult and child win a prize of bottle of wine and cuddly bunny respectively. There will also be a raffle and 20p game where coins are thrown at a mug with a chocolate egg inside.

Mrs Finlay to purchase bingo books, dabbers (dependent upon cost and availability), prizes for each line and house i.e. large egg for winning house and small egg for winning line, chocolate egg in a mug, thermal cups and dilute juice as well as checking stock held of tea, coffee and crisps . 26 Prizes also required for Egg and Bonnet decoration competition (including nursery) and an additional 13 prizes for Egg Dump.

KS2 pupils are to be asked to decorate their eggs at home this year due to limited time available.

Sponsored Mathematics Event to take place week beginning 20th May 2013 early years to hold sponsored count with KS1 and KS2 event to be based on Times Tables.

Members discussed how we can promote the Gift Aid availability as often we are unable to claim purely because the sponsorship form has not been completed fully.


Mrs Henderson requested PTA funding towards Design Technology equipment as this is part of the curriculum for the upper end of the school. Members were happy to donate £500.
Mrs Pike requested funding towards Multicultural Language signing for the school costing to be provided at our next meeting.

Year 6 Leaving Presents

The PTA was happy to fund a dictionary and autograph book for each Year 6 leaver, Mr Warbrick to organise.

Any Other Business

Mrs Pike and Mrs Bagley would like to recruit some volunteers on behalf of the Gardening Club to clear an unused area of the school field, they would like to create a platform by the stream to be used for pond dipping and a potential miniature nature reserve with a mini beast hotel; which would make a lovely addition to the trees already planted. The area is presently covered in brambles. Support is requested from PTA members to help clear the site perhaps one Saturday morning or day during school holidays (date to be advised) and for PTA to provide refreshments.

Mrs Mahone suggested contacting Community Payback team for help.

Members also discussed the lack of dog bins on the back path. Mr Warbrick is to contact Councillor Marjorie Rae in this regard.

Mrs Finlay kindly volunteered to hand out dictionaries at the Year 6 Graduation event.

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is to be held on Monday 3rd June 2013 at 5.30pm