Present: Mr Warbrick Mr Marczinski Mrs Henderson Mrs Scott Mrs Hardy
  Mrs Hemsley Mrs Askew Mrs Finlay Mrs Finnegan  

Mrs. Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting

Minutes of Last Meeting

Since our last meeting we held a very successful Christmas Fair & Draw which will be detailed in the Treasurers Report.

Treasurers Report

The PTA Account balance is currently £5371. The net proceeds of the Christmas Fair and Raffle were £1388 and £1032 respectively both higher than the previous year.

The PTA donated £300 towards Christmas play costumes and £50 to purchase cooking equipment.

Events for 2009

As the members of Rock Challenge are shortly to organize a Bring & Buy Sale to raise funds, the PTA decided to postpone the proposed Car Boot/Table Top Sale until May/Summer Time.

Bingo to be held on Thursday 26th March at 6pm (helpers earlier!)
£1 per book (no entry fee) prizes to be awarded for each line and house.

Stand Up Bingo - also £1 with a quarter of (stand up) proceeds to last adult and a quarter of proceeds to last child standing.

Tea, Coffee, biscuits, Juice and crisps to be served at the interval at a cost of 50p for tea/coffee and a biscuit and 30p for juice and a packet of crisps.

Throw 20p game also at interval to win a bottle of celebration chocolates.

Mrs Finnegan to purchase:

9 large Easter eggs for house winners
9 small Easter eggs for line winners.

Also: 26 prizes for Nursery, KS1 & KS2 Egg & Bonnet Decorating competitions to be held on 2nd April 2009.

Sponsored Event to be held on 18th May (event to be organized at a later date).

Supergrounds Update

Having received the first instalment of our £4000 cash award (£1000) we are now awaiting a quote to renovate the existing water feature opposite the nursery fence into a pirate ship. We would also like to create 9 raised planting beds, a wave wall, place a grass mat under the existing wooden train and plant a tree (if budget allows)!!! We were hoping for a press feature in the Times and Star including a picture and are to revisit the journalist as there was only a very small inaccurate report without a picture printed.


Mrs Henderson requested funds towards costumes for Rock Challenge as although the children involved are organising fund raising the event is expensive. The PTA was happy to agree a donation of £500 towards the costumes.

Mrs Henderson also requested funding towards material for the Multicultural week (which will include a carnival parade) to be held in June. As all children will be involved in the event the PTA were happy to agree a donation of £500 towards costs.

The PTA also agreed to purchase dictionaries for the Year 6 leavers. Which will be presented by Mrs Scott on 14th July during graduation.

Any Other Business
The PTA provisions are currently held in a large storage area in the dining hall which takes a lot of space. It has been decided that as long as we have an area to store any residual products that this cupboard may be removed to free space in the dining hall.


Date of Next Meeting
Our next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 5th May at 5.30pm.