Present: Mr Warbrick  Mrs Hardy Mrs Scott Mrs Henderson
  Mrs Helmsley Mrs Finnegan Mrs Finlay Mrs Swaine

Apologies:  Mr Marczinski,  Mrs Fleming, Mrs Cottam

Mrs. Scott recorded the minutes of the meeting


CDC Quiz Night


Mrs Swaine attended the meeting to discuss holding a quiz night to promote learning for Adults at the CDC.  Courses are available for Numeracy and Literacy and would benefit not only those who have no qualifications in these areas but also those who would like a refresher and see how their children are taught these subjects.  The idea behind the quiz being to encourage the parents of children at the school to attend the CDC.


The Fun Quiz is scheduled for Thursday 21st February at 6pm and is to be organized and run by staff at the CDC.   


Treasurer's Report


Mrs Hardy discussed the accounts showing a balance of £3030.32 .  The Christmas Fair was very successful generating a profit of £1193 as was the raffle which raised £898.


The £ 464 raised from the Marks and Spencer bag packing has been donated to the school fund.




The new Beckstone Primary School Constitution was adopted at this meeting being signed by Mr Warbrick and witnessed by Mrs Finlay.


The constitution is based on a model constitution on the NCPTA website.

This may be accessed via  the password needed to register being our membership number of 14080.  Anyone can register on this site which has information on fund raising ideas and other schools etc.


Extended Schools Coordinator

We were to have a presentation by Pam Jones who is the extended schools coordinator to explain her role but unfortunately she did not attend the meeting.


Events for 2008 

Bunny Drive to be held on Tuesday 18th March at 6pm (helpers required from 5.30pm)


£1 entry fee to include Bunny Sheet - prizes to be awarded for best adult and child score and lowest adult and child score.


Raffle tickets on sale for 50p per strip - prizes to include a Bear Factory Rabbit (Mr Warbrick to arrange this with Mrs Clark) and prizes donated by pupils.


Tea, coffee, biscuits, juice and crisps to be sold at the interval in the dinner hall at a cost of 30p for tea/coffee and a biscuit, 10p juice and 10p crisps.


Two 20p shuffle games conducted in the sports hall during the interval with the nearest 20p winning the bottle of celebration chocolates.


Bingo cards to be sold £1 per ticket during the interval with a prize of half the proceeds in cash to the winner of 'stand up bingo'.


The following prizes are to be purchased by Mrs Finnegan:


2 Bottles of wine - best adult score

£5 Easter Egg - best child score

2 Bottles of chocolates for 20p shuffle game

2 packs of 3 cream eggs - lowest adult and child score

22 prizes - 10 KS1 and 12 for KS2 re Egg/Bonnet decoration competitions


Mrs Finnegan is also to purchase:

6 boxes drinks

3 boxes of crisps




Sponsored Obstacle Course to be held the week commencing 19th May to include the tyre park.


Fun Day to be held on 17th July.  Freddie Fit to attend also to include Bouncy Castles, stalls and use of computer room as an arcade.  Further details to be discussed at the next meeting.


Year 6 Leaving Presents


The PTA are happy to fund Dictionaries for the Year 6 leavers.


Fund Raising


Mrs Henderson is to enquire about a jewellery recycling initiative detailed in the NCPTA magazine.  The concept being that the children bring any unwanted items of jewellery to  school, the PTA would receive a donation from the NCPTA for recycling these items.  Mrs Henderson is to make further enquiries and discuss her findings at the next meeting.




Year 3/4 are involved in the ACE Dance Festival to be held on 7th March at Whitehaven Civic Hall.  This is a whole class event and is to be attended by 12 schools.  Mrs Henderson is considering an Indian Dance theme in line with the children’s curriculum and would like to purchase sparkly material to dress each child (this could also be used by the school for later events).  The PTA agreed a donation of £100 towards the purchase of material.


Any Other Business


Mr Warbrick applied for funding through the Community Foundation to tarmac the path from the hill to the back of the school and to the back gate in line with Councillor Caine’s bid to pave the railway line.  Unfortunately our request was not successful.   


Date of Next Meeting

Our Next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 13th May at 5.30pm