We were introduced to some very special visitors on Wednesday.

They had come all the way from India to share their skills with us.

First we watched some juggling

and a wonderful puppet show.

We found out that puppets have been made in India for hundreds of years.

They are used to tell special stories.

Sometimes they can be a little cheeky!

Then we met a magician.

He had lots of surprises for us.

He asked for someone to help him with his magic. He had to say the magic words 'gilly gilly'.

He made coins appear and disappear.

Mrs McKeating was on hand to help him with his 'magic egg'.

Another helper couldn't believe his eyes when the magic egg ended up in the bag!

We thought he was hiding things in his sleeves.

But he wasn't!

The magician could even turn rice into rice crispies.

He asked three volunteers to help him 'conjure up' water.

We don't know how he did it!

The show finished with a puppet magician - he had some special tricks of his own.

We all loved the show and had lots of questions to ask.