On Sunday, 9th November, it was Remembrance Sunday and some children from our school attended the service to lay a wreath in remembrance of the soldiers who died in the war.


Thirteen of our children of all ages met in Harrington British Legion at 9.15 a.m.

Sorry, there were FOURTEEN of them. I forgot …….BECKSTONE BEAR was there too!!!!He was even wearing his poppy!

Each child was wearing a label with their name and where they lived on and they were carrying a box which contained things that were special to them. Children during wartime carried these things when they were being evacuated into the country where it was less dangerous.


We had sisters and brothers marching with us. When children were sent away, as well as being separated from their parents, they were often also split up from their brothers and sisters.


The Mayor allowed us to take a photo of him in his chain and robes. Doesn’t he look splendid? He was at the front of the procession.


Here we are outside the Legion waiting to set off. It was VERY cold so we had to wrap up warm.

When we got inside the Church it looked beautiful with lots of floral displays made from poppies.


During the service, the Vicar took the children out to the front and they showed him some of the things they had put in their boxes. Some had photos, necklaces and toys to remind them of their homes and families. They are looking sad because they knew that is how the children would have felt at that time.


Reverend McMichael also read some of the ‘Soldier’s Diary’ stories that the children in Class 1/2/J.J had written. They were displayed in the Church and lots of people read them.
If you would like to read our stories you can click on the images above.

After the service, we walked out to the Cenotaph to lay the wreath.


There were lots of people there so it was difficult to see the Cenotaph but if you look carefully, you can see some of the names of the soldiers on the memorial.

This is the Poppy wreath we laid at the Cenotaph. It has the name of our school in the centre of it.

This note was attached to the wreath.

Mrs Jackson and Kelly would like to thank all the children who attended on that day. They were a credit to the school.