On Sunday, 11th November, some of our children represented Beckstone Primary School in the annual Remembrance Parade.

Beckstone Bear arrived first. Punctual as usual!


Then some children arrived to keep him company!


At last everyone had arrived and we had a group photograph taken.



First we had to get in line.

Then we waited for the Parade to begin.

We looked very smart walking along the road but it was a 'long' way for 'little' legs.

The church was full and looked beautiful.

Class 1/2JJ had made a lovely display and lots of people admired it.

These were REAL poppies!

The cross with the poppy wreath on it was lovely,

As was the 'barbed wire ' candle. Can you think why the candle might be like that?

We waited for the Service to start.

After the Service we followed the other people outside.

We stood around the Cenotaph while the Act of Remembrance took place.

Then we laid our own school poppy wreath.


Some young soldiers stood around the Cenotaph until the people had all gone.



Mrs Jackson and Mrs Routledge would like to thank all the children who took part on the day. They were a credit to the school!