Anti-Bullying activity 

Have a go at home, or you can have a go in school.

See the display outside Mrs Pike's classroom - hearts already cut out and ready to use are there too.

Mrs Pike talked to us about what we are learning about this week. We had to think about the harm caused by bullying.


We then got into our 'talk partners' and talked about what we thought being bullied meant. 


Mrs Pike then read us a phrase:

"Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you."

We talked with our partners again and had to decide if this was true or not, we then put our hands up if we thought it was.

Only 3 of our friends thought that words could hurt you!


Mrs Pike gave each of us a paper heart.

We then had to scrunch it up into a ball while thinking about something that someone had said to us to make us sad.

We then had to try our hardest to smooth out our paper hearts while thinking of something nice someone had said to us to make us feel happy.


We tried as hard as we could to get the wrinkles out of our paper hearts but they stayed there.

We then had another 'hands up' to see who now thought that saying mean and unkind things could hurt us and make us sad.

As you can see all our friends thought that words can hurt!

We finished off our activity with a circle time game. We turned to the friend next to us and said something nice about them, we then passed a smile around the circle and went out to play.

Our new phrase is:

"Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words may break our hearts."