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Please read these tips to help you stay safe whilst using the internet.

 KidSmart Internet Safety

Never open or reply to emails from strangers. If you see an unknown email or aren't sure, tell an adult.

Never email your password, address, telephone number or school name to someone else, especially strangers.

Don't agree to meet up with an email contact without your parents' permission.

If someone sends you an email that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult.

If you see a website that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable, tell an adult.

Ask permission before entering a competition or contest.

Always ask permission before downloading anything from the internet.

Here are some websites that you may find interesting - have fun!
The websites will open in a new browser window.

My Maths - A fully interactive, online mathematics learning solution for all ages and all abilities.

Know The Romans

Know The Romans - A free resource that can be used to explain and describe all aspects of Roman life. Including many videos, images, child-friendly content, with differentiated quizzes and games to help children learn in an interactive and fun way.

Words for Life

Helping your child to enjoy reading

Learn English

British Council - Welcome to LearnEnglish Kids! Lots of free games, songs, stories and activities for children - you can have fun and learn English too! You can search for your favourites, or have a look at the Explore section and find out where everything is.


KidsPsych - An interactive adventure site for children.

MightyBook - Lots of free online talking books, music, puzzles and poems.
Harry Potter Harry Potter - Everything you  need to know about Harry Potter, with links, information and games for the new film.
Young People's Trust for the Environment

Young People's Trust for the Environment

If you are aged 5-16, a teacher or a parent, and you're interested in the environment and nature, this is the site for you!


Welephant's Website Welephant's Web Site - Fire Safety for Children
Barnaby Bear Barnaby Bear - Fun, stories, games with Barnaby Bear
The Mouse Club The Mouse Club - Lots of stories, games, puzzles and cards to make. There is a club to join for more activities.
Safe Street Safe on the Street - A road safety education site for 7-11 year olds, their teachers and parents.
Kinder Art Kinder Art - Lots of art resources for children and adults.
BBC Schools BBC Schools - Lots of games and activities for all ages.
Words and Pictures Words and Pictures - games and activities to practice sounds.
Number Time Number Time - play number games with Bill and Bernie.
The Magic Key The Magic Key - meet your friends from the Oxford Reading Tree books.

Some interesting links relating to the Queen.

Children's TV websites

Children's BBC Children's BBC
Children's ITV Children's ITV

Seasonal websites

Play Hangman!

Play Hangman: WARNING - very addictive! - Santa's very own website!

Countdown to Christmas!

Countdown to Christmas!

A Victorian Christmas Website

A Victorian Christmas - a very informative site.

Mobile Phones


Statistics published in January by the Home Office revealed that more that 17,000 under 16s had their mobile phones or MP3 players stolen in 2007 - an average of 50 a day.

The quarterly crime figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from 43 of the UK's 52 police forces show that in the three years to 2007, there were 52,348 reports of phones and MP3 players being stolen from children aged 15 or under.


 Things to remember...
  • Locate your IMEI number, your phone's unique identifying number, which can be found on the box the phone came in or behind the phone's battery. You can also obtain this by typing *#06#.
  • Make a note of your IMEI number and this can then be used to prohibit use of your phone if it is lost or stolen.
  • Register your mobile phone on the IMEI database at
  • Use the PIN code, if it has one, so that only you access your phone.
  • Property mark your phone with your postcode and house number to assist police in identifying stolen phones.
  • Save details in your phone of a family member of friend who can be contacted in an emergency. Add 'ICE' (In Case of Emergency) before their name so that the emergency services know immediately who to contact.
  • Immediately inform police if your phone is stolen and inform your network provider if it is stolen or lost.
  • Most mobile phones will allow you to call 999 even if you have no credit left or if the battery appears to be flat.

Things to avoid ...

  • Attracting attention to you phone when using it. Keep your mobile safe and out of sight!
  • Walking and talking (or texting). Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.
  • Using phones when near train, tube and bus stations. There are more robbers frequenting these areas.
  • Leaving your phone unattended. It only takes a split second for someone to pick a mobile up.
  • Walking alone in isolated and dark areas. Put your phone on silent or vibrate so your ring tone doesn't draw attraction to you.
  • Lending your phone to someone you don't know or don't trust. Many mobile phones are sought after items.
  • Giving your number to a stranger. Always inform your parents, a teacher or someone you trust if someone is pressuring you for this.
  • Using Bluetooth on your phone when you are not using it. Avoid unwanted access to your mobile phone by switching the facility off when it is not needed.


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