Ask the audience to pick a number from one to six. You tell them that whatever number they choose, you will always turn up the Ace of Hearts. That's magic!
  • Set out the cards first line with the ace in fourth position

  • Ask for a chosen number.

  • Then remember to count like this.

     > If they say 1 , then spell it out  o  n  e from the right and turn over the card

     > If they say 2 again spell it out t  w  o from the right

     > If they say 3 simply count 1,2,3 from the right

     > If they say 4, spell f  o  u  r from the left

     > If they say 5, spell f  I  v  e from the left

     > If they say 6 then spell s  i  x from the

Each of these ways of counting the cards will always result in you touching the Ace, then simply turn it over to everyones amazement

The cards will look like this underneath. The ace is fourth position.

6 of spades, 5 of spades, 4 of clubs, Ace of hearts, 3 of Clubs, 2 of Spades

Lay out the cards - you choose No 5

Spell out the number 5