Q: Why was the chicken sent home from school?
A: For using Fowl language!
Q: Why are Teachers in Literacy lessons like Judges?
A: Because they both hand out long sentences!
Q: Why did the chocolate Minstrel go to school?
A: Because he wanted to be a Smartie!
Q: Why did the teacher wish she was a Cyclops?
A: Because she would only have one pupil!
Q: What do you call someone who keeps on talking when no-one is listening?
A: A teacher!
Q: What is the fruitiest lesson in school?
A: History, because it is full of dates!
Q: What did the snake always come top of the class in Maths?
A: Because he was an adder!
Q: Why did the boy bring a car to school?
A: to drive his teacher up the wall!
Q: What did the inflatable teacher in an inflatable school say to the inflatable pupil who came to school with a pin?
A: "You've not only let yourself down, you've let me down, in fact you have left the whole school down!!"