Welcome to our online photo album!

We thought it would be nice to share the old photographs that we have filed away in boxes. It's going to take a long time to scan them all but it will be a really useful resource, not only for the school children, but for anyone who may be interested in the local area.

It's hard for us to imagine life without electricity - what on earth did people do without their laptops, mobile phones etc?
Harrington looked a really busy place - the sights, sounds and smells must have been very different from today too.

Anyone who lives locally will probably recognise the signature of one of the photographers featured in the Old Harrington album below, Mr A E Deans. His granddaughter has kindly sent some information about him which you can read by clicking on his signature.


Thanks to Mrs McKeating and Ms Strong (teachers at Beckstone Primary) for sharing this photo with us.

It was taken in front of our school - Harry Strong is their dad.



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Thanks to Eric Mounsey for this photo of the junior school, taken in the 1920s.

His dad, Bill Mounsey, is on the far right in the back row.