Reading for Pleasure Bus

The school took delivery of a double decker bus on the day before half term!  It was a very tight squeeze getting it up the hill!

It is now parked on the school field and will be refurnished with carpets, bean bags, cushions etc and transformed into a reading zone for classes and families to use.

It is a very exciting project and if all goes well should be a fabulobus asset for the school!

There is increased emphasis on reading for pleasure in the new National Curriculum and what better environment than a snug bus, away from other distractions to lose yourself in a good book.

In addition we intend to install a viewing bench on the top deck for children to enjoy the views across the Irish Sea when reading or indeed to create artistic masterpieces.

We hope all will be completed before the end of this term (including getting power out to it) so that our current Year 6 children will get the benefit.

When it is ready we intend to have an 'Official Opening Ceremony' with refreshments to let families get the first look at our new facility.
























To view a short video of the bus being moved into place, please click here.

We're getting there!

Thumbs up from our school Governors!