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Book Blog

~ You can find magic wherever you look.
Sit back and relax, all you need is a book! ~

What's a blog?

The books shown below are available for YOU to borrow and read!

We would also love you to write a blog about your book so it can be published here on our Beckstone Book Blog.

A blog is a short piece of writing which tells other people what you thought about the book.

You might answer some of these questions in your blog:

What was the book about?

What did you like about it? Was it funny? moving? exciting?

What didn't you like about it? Were there boring bits or brilliant bits or both?

What did the book remind you of or make you think about?

How many stars would you give it?


How do I write a blog?

Writing a blog is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Find a book you like from the Lending Libraries around school
  • Sign it out.
  • Read it.
  • Let us know what you think in a hand written or typed book blog.


You can:

  • Send it by email to
  • Write it on paper and give it to Mrs Yoxall or Mr Warbrick.
    There are book blog writing frames outside Mrs Yoxall's office.
  • Spend a minute or two with Mrs Yoxall, telling her about the book
     and you can type a blog together.

Who will see my blog?

Everyone who looks on our website can see your blog!

You have the power to influence the whole school and help them choose what to read next.

Parents, teachers, children and family members can use your blog to find out about the books and authors in our lending library.
Have your say and let us know your views.

Ooh ...... and you also earn five class points for every review you do!

These books are displayed between Mrs Pike and Mrs White's classrooms.
You can read about Ninja Nans, Inventive Grandpas and very clever princesses!

These books are displayed between Mrs Pike and Miss Cunningham's classrooms.
Which one will you read first?

You will find these books between Mrs White and Miss Maskew's classrooms.

On our map table outside the staffroom, there are some incredible books.

I wonder how Flora gets her revenge?

Outside Mr Fleming's classroom, the windowsill is packed with these brilliant books.

As you walk along the corridor to the Dining Hall, look left.
You will see some well known books by famous modern authors.
Which do you fancy?

Some longer reads are nestling next to the Fruitini Trolleys.

They may take a little more time to read but they are all award winning books so make sure you share your opinions about them on our book blog!

These books have been read by Y5 and Y6 as part of Cumbrian Libraries Spellbinding Project.

The children are trying to read them all and then we have the chance to vote for our favourite on the Spellbinding website.

I wonder which will win?.


We also read books of many different genres in class.

Reviews of these books are here.