Ninja Nan

Jim's nan is completely ordinary. Or so Jim thinks. One day he finds a note on the fridge which changes everything ... his nan has run away to be a ninja at the circus!

'Dear Jim, I am running away to join the circus. I know this will be a shock to you, but sometimes a Nan's just gotta do what a Nan's gotta do ... Love, Your Nan (Ninja Nan!)'

What will Nan get up to?


Ninja Nan Review

The main characters are Jim, mam, nan and the ringmaster. Ninja Nan leaves home and goes to the circus! Mum thinks this a crazy idea. Jim thinks it's a brilliant idea. Nan meets lots of people. She meets some acrobats (like me!) She met some clowns. Jim and mum liked the show, Ninja Nan was amazing.

I think my friends would like this book!

I would give it
by Erin Pearson Y1