Tudor Handling Day


We had a visit from three people from Tullie House in Carlisle.
They brought with them some artifacts from Tudor times.


First of all Chris talked to us about the Tudors and we told her what we had already learnt.


On one of the tables we practiced using Tudor quills. 
We also looked at candles that the Tudors would have used.



We looked closely at some Tudor pottery and examples of different pots.  Some of them had faces on them.  We thought about what the pots would have been used for and designed our own face pot.



We looked very closely at a picture of Tudor children playing games.
We tried to see how many different games we could see.


We had fun playing with some of the toys Tudor children would have had.


Chris told us all about the different plates that the rich and poor people used.  The rich Tudors used plates made out of pewter which they would have polished until they shone and the poor would have eaten off wooden plates.  We even looked at a plate that was made out of leather.

Look closely at the metal item in the middle of the table.  What do you think it was used for?



We looket at a model of the Mary Rose battle ship and some of the things that would have been used on it like a whistle.  We enjoyed learning all about it.


After we looked at the artifacts we dressed up as Tudors. 


Some of us were dressed as a poor Tudors. 

 We learnt that poor Tudors would have worn clothes made out of wool and they would
have been dull colours.


One of us dressed as rich Tudors.  We learnt that the rich would have worn clothes made out of velvet.  They could wear colours that were much brighter.


And someone else wore clothes that a rich Tudor lady would have worn.  She had to put on an underskirt that had beads sewn onto it that could be seen in the gap of the outer skirt.


We really enjoyed getting dressed up.  Don't we look good!


 We all had a great day.  Thank you Chris for teaching us so much.