'The Curse of the Mummy'
Investigation Day

Our class took part in 'The Curse of the Mummy' investigation.
We had to become Egyptologists for the day to investigate the mysterious death of a young Pharaoh.


First of all we received a letter inviting us to be Egyptologists.


Then, wearing special gloves, we had to open the boxes sent to us and examine the artefacts.




Next we had to catalogue the artefacts and draw them. There were mummified body parts, jewellery, canopic jars, fragments of tomb seals and good luck charms.




After that we had to decipher the hieroglyphics to piece together the clues about how the murder had taken place.



We discovered the young Pharaoh had been poisoned so we had to examine the remains of his stomach contents.


We had lots of fun as Egyptologists!