Year 3 & 4 Production of "The Burning Bush"

Ancient Egypt

Pharaoh's Palace

Rameses is the greatest!

He's the top man in the land!

O Give me a division of Chariots Pharaoh,
and I'll soon get rid of the Hebrews.

Isn't Moses a lovely baby?

Down by the River Nile-o!
Guard my little Child-o!

You look beautiful today Princess.

What should we do with the baby, Princess?

Moses grew up to be a fine young man.

We slave all day in the burning sun;
An Israelite's work is never done!

Saw in the quarry at the blocks of stone;
Saw 'til your fingers are worn to the bone.

Get up you lazy oaf!

Run Moses, the Pharaoh will have you killed for this!


Moses saw a bush in the desert
that burnt with a steady flame.

Somewhere a country is waiting far, far away;
Somewhere your country awaits you, your home some day.

Please Pharaoh let my people go.

Pharaoh said no.

There was blood in the river.

Next came swarms of flies a-flying.

The Angel of Death reached out his hand
and touched the Egyptian first-born.

And when he saw his son lie dead,
the Pharaoh bowed his stubborn head,
and now at last he said to Moses - Go!

Hurry up before the Pharaoh changes his mind.

Moses and his people had come to the Red Sea.
What where they to do now?

Moses stretched his hand out and dried up all the sea.

Pharaoh told his soldiers - catch those Hebrew slaves.

Then the waters thundered back and they sank beneath the waves.

The Israelites were safe and sound;
Their people reached the higher ground.

Pharaoh's men had all been drowned
and the Pharaoh he lay dead.

Some day you and your people will find,
a land flowing with milk and honey

... a land for you.