We invited Reverend McMichael to come into our classroom to talk to us about a 'Christening' or 'Baptism'.

 He got everything ready first. He made a cross in the water in the font, he lit a candle, got a silver shell

a silver pot with oil in it

and a candle for Lucy

Reverend McMichael put on a special gown that he uses for weddings and christenings.

We needed a 'mummy and daddy' and a baby.

'Mammy and Daddy' chose the baby's name.....Lucy Jane.


Then they asked two of their friends to be Godmothers and another two to be Godfathers.


He lit a candle and asked the parents and Godparents if they would make promises to help the baby learn about God and to look after her until she was older.

He then took the baby into his arms and took her round the guests so they could welcome her into the Church.


He asked 'mammy and daddy' what her name was going to be.


He walked up to the font and poured water on her head with the shell. He did this three times.


After that, he got some oil from the silver pot and made the sign of the cross on Lucy's head.

All the Godparents made the sign of the cross on Lucy's head too.



Reverend McMichael lit Lucy's candle and gave it to one of the Godparents.


All the guests said a prayer to welcome Lucy into God's family.


The Godparents were given special cards to keep.


All of Lucy's details were put in the Church Register so they can be kept for ever.


Then lots of photos were taken to put in Lucy's baby album.

 After that everyone went to Lucy's house for a BIG party!!

 We hope you have enjoyed being a 'guest' at Lucy's Christening!!