Florida is in America and we found out that Christopher Colombus discovered America in 1492.

We talked about how we get there and what it is like there. We made our own flags and hung them round the room.

To get into another country we need a passport so we had a look at one and then made our own.

Inside we wrote our names, our age and countries we had visited.

Then we made our own postcards.

This one showed the Killer whales that you can see in Seaworld.


This is The Tower of Terror that you can see in one of the theme parks.


This is one of the sandy beaches.


And this shows lots of different things that you can find in Florida.

We decided that we would need sunglasses in Florida because the sun shines a lot there. So we designed and made our own. These had Cinderella's castle on them.

 Some children wanted you to see them with them on.


Our postcards and sunglasses made a colourful display.

Kennedy Space Centre is in Florida so we looked at lots of photographs. They were very interesting so we put them up on display.

We even wrote our own stories about flying into space. Did you see them? 

We also have an astronaut and a rocket flying about the room!!

Another day we looked at some facecloths. They had pictures of Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto on them.



We asked if we could try to draw them. Mrs Jackson thinks we did an EXCELLENT job. What do you think?







Disney World is in Florida so we decided to make our very own Disney Park as part of our topic on playgrounds.

First we designed our playground, then we designed different rides and finally we made them. 

This is the entrance.

This one shows the 'Big Wheel' and the 'Scary Ride'

and this one shows the 'Dalmatian Dipper'

 We think our Disney Park looks very exciting. Did you see the alligators? We don't want to meet one of those!!!

We had to end our topic by making two VERY famous mice who live there. Do you know who they are?





 We hope you enjoyed our topic as much as we did.