Our Feedback Assembly - New Beginnings

In our PSHE lessons we have been looking at new beginnings and what we would like in an ideal world.


This is what we would like our ideal worlds to look like.

We have been thinking about how we belong to different communities and the talents and strengths we bring to them.  We have compared a bare tree to our empty classroom.

We added leaves to the bare branches to symbolise what each of us brings to our year group unit.  The leaves have the name of each child and the talent that they bring to the unit.

The rest of the school listened carefully to what we had been learning and watched the power point presentations that some of Year 5 & 6 had made.


We finished our assembly with this prayer:

This is our school,
Let peace dwell here,
Let the rooms be full of contentment,
Let love abide here,
The love of God and the love of one another.
Let us remember,
That as many hands build a home,
So many hearts build a school.