Our trip to Salterbeck Reservoir
to look at the Nature Reserve
- January 2006

Meeting Mr. Lawrence, our guide.


Looking at the ducks and geese . There were 2 swans. We identified the male and female ducks by their colouring.

The species are called mute swans.

Mr. Lawrence explained that the bottom of the reservoir is covered in a metre of silt. The council are hoping to dredge the reservoir soon but it will cost about £50,000!!

Heading over one of the bridges

Mr. Lawrence told us there were lots of water rats.

Looking for animal habitats.  Animal habitats are homes for creatures big and very small.

Mr. Lawrence asked us to stand silently for 20 seconds and listen to the different tunes the birds were making. We heard at least seven!

We were disappointed at the amount of litter and dog dirt we came across ...

We learnt lots of interesting facts about how Mr. Lawrence looks after the nature reserve.

It was quiet and peaceful ...

It was quite chilly!

Mr. Lawrence showing us some interesting things in the undergrowth. He told us all about the jobs he does and showed us how to identify berries, leaves and trees.

Mr. Lawrence always keeps the branches and logs he chops down and reuses them. This is called recycling.

Mr Lawrence is showing us a gall.

The mossy stuff growing on the trees is called lichen. Nice bushy, springy lichen means that the area is pollution free!

Mr. Lawrence told us that erosion of the river banks is a problem. The fast flowing water wears away the bank.

Willow branches are used to hold up the river banks. Mr. Lawrence saves the branches he cuts down and weaves it together. Willow is good to use for this as it is strong and roots easily. 

We really enjoyed ourselves!

Setting off to school again ... tired and hungry  !!!