Reception celebrate Chinese New Year 2006
The Year of the Dog

On Monday we looked at photographs and artefacts. Some of us dressed up!



We learnt a Chinese song with actions and everyone took a turn of folding paper to make a huge dragon.



We concentrated hard to fold our own dancing dragons.



Some of us took time out for a meal at the Chinese Restaurant.


Others preferred trying to catch their own noodles!

On Tuesday we heard the story of how the years got their names. Then, because it is the year of the dog, we made origami dogs which we put round Miss Ollett's class's lovely picture. We also made shiny lanterns for our classroom.



Everyone had a very busy afternoon painting, sticking and cutting.  Mrs Thompson came to help us.



On Wednesday we looked at calligraphy sets and had a go at writing Chinese Characters.  We did brilliantly!



We stuck tissues on golden branches and wrote inside our cards in Chinese.


We danced with ribbons to Chinese music and practiced our dance festival with ribbons and dragons.


On Thursday we looked at Chinese art and copied some pictures.



Friday was party day and we all dressed in red.



We played games, danced, ate lots of food ... what a great end to a great week!